The Pros and Cons of ICT

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Advantages and Disadvantages of ICT

ICT has made my project easier to do.

Making a catalogue is a long process, involving a lot of design and
research plans, using a computer and IT based materials has cut down
the time it would take of I had done it manually.

For example, before starting to make my catalogue I had to do some
research on the items I wanted to advertise, using the internet was a
faster more efficient way of doing this. The internet showed the
websites I needed to go on that had the right information.

If I had not used a computer I would have had to carry task out
manually, which is very time consuming, for example,

Cropping pictures down to the right size to fit the catalogue.

The computer does this accurately and more precise than a human can
do, cutting.

Also copying and pasting, doing this on a computer, then printing
means no Pritt Stick: This can look tacky and bad quality. Using ICT
gives the best presentation possible.

Key skill 12

There is so much technical equipment in the ICT rooms, precautions
need to be taken, so that nobody gets hurt, when I was in the ICT
room, I made sure that drinks and food were not near the computers, so
that the equipment would operate in the right order.

Also I made sure that bags were not left in the walking areas, so that
others would not trip over them and hurt themselves.

To prevent fires, fore extinguishers were present in the room and the
sockets were not over loaded.

Work surfaces remained clear to avoid clutter.

Five minutes before the end of every lesson, I saved the work I had
done that day to make sure all my work is well documented and so I can
continue from where I stopped in the next lesson.

[IMAGE]I saved my work on my part of the school network, in My

Particularly working in this project I made a new folder called

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Communications- the name of the project so that I can put all the work
I do in it, this saves confusion with other files.

I made a back up file of the communications folder and named it
communications just in case the first one got lost.

[IMAGE]i used floppy disks to get even more copies of my work
especially the unfinished class work so that I can complete it at
home. I used a floppy disk because the schools computers had the
facilities for floppy disk use.

It is not too heavy or too big for me to carry home and use on my own

When I found was having trouble or difficulties in my work or using
the computer I told my teacher Mrs Wenden to help me, or got sent to
the school’s computer technicians to help me, like when I could not
log in, the technicians gave me a new password for my username.

Key skill 24

There are many advantages and disadvantages of using ICT

Advantages of using ICT

* Using Microsoft word and software like Microsoft Publisher is that
you can change the text, mistakes without having to start from the
very beginning again.

* Work is easy to save and document, rather than someone keeping
them in folders were they can get misplaced.

* You can make back up files quickly.

* Can keep all files under one folder e.g. communications

* Crop pictures down accurately

* Use scanners to scan in pictures form magazine and books.

* Printer that produce high quality work

* Access to the internet

* You can email letters and document to people all over the world.

Disadvantages of using ICT

· The internet server can go down randomly, so you cannot connect to a

· Networks can get hacked into.

o Shopping online leaves shoppers prone to online credit card theft.

· Viruses can come through the internet damaging the files in your

· Some software can be difficult for some generations and people to
learn how to use

· People start to rely on computers too much and use them to do

· Repetitive strain injury, strain on tendon in the arms, back
problems and painful eyes are caused from prolonged use of computers.

· Work sometimes does not look exactly like what you want it to look

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