Yeast Respiration Experiment

Yeast Respiration Experiment

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Yeast Respiration Experiment

Temperature (°C)

[IMAGE]Number of Bubbles

















Data Analysis and Conclusion

The data shows a clear rise in yeast respiration as the temperature is
raised. Although an optimum temperature is not evident, it can be seen
that temperatures exceeding 60°C speed up the reaction. This shows the
general rule that reactions become faster when the temperature is
increased. Unfortunately this data does not seem to show an optimum
temperature for the enzymes in the yeast to function properly, which
would be expected normally.

There are several weaknesses that would have definitely decreased the
accuracy of the experiment by a noticeable amount.

Firstly, the temperature of the yeast itself probably would not have
been equal to the temperature stated on the thermometer. The
thermometer was in the beaker of water, adjacent to the flask, but the
amount of time given for the yeast to equalize temperature to the
water temperature may have been too short. A thermometer actually
going through the cork into the flask through its cork would have
provided much more accurate temperature readings, and therefore a more
accurate experiment.

Secondly, the expansion of the air in the flash due to its heating up
was not taken into account. As the temperature increased, the
expansion would have been constant, but when the actual CO2 from the
yeast was produced, we were unable to determine what was actually
coming from the yeast. If there was a predetermined amount of air in
the flask and tube, and its expansion was taken into account, this
would have helped make the experiment more accurate.

Thirdly, no control was used in the experiment to make reference to. A
flask filled with water (to the same volume as the yeast) would have
provided sufficient control on the experiment.

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Fourthly, there were not multiple trials in the experiment to help
cancel out random errors. Next time, multiple trials should definitely
be included.

Fifthly, the actual techniques used in the running of the experiment
could have been improved. As the bubbles were being counted, the
temperature of the yeast was still rising. This obviously threw a lot
of the data collected out of what it should have been (theoretically
lower values), because the rising temperature slowly increased the
amount of bubbles. To fix this, simply controlling the temperature of
the flask, by removing it from the tripod and keeping it constant, or
maybe using a hotplate instead of a Bunsen burner, could have been
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