Exploring the Channel Characteristics of the River Chess

Exploring the Channel Characteristics of the River Chess

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Exploring the Channel Characteristics of the River Chess The aim of this investigation is to explore the channel
characteristics of the River Chess. My main interest involve in
understanding Hydrology, and how the river changes as it goes

To obtain my results I visited a field centre in Amersham, were we
were put into groups and were guided by a member of the FSC centre. We
started of at Chesham Moore which is the source of the River Chess;
its confluence is the River Colne at Rickmansworth which feeds into
the River Thames which then follows into the sea.



* Gradient- will decrease downstream, starting at a high point.

* Width- will get wider due to more water feeding in from the
ground, therefore it will increase downstream.

* Depth- will get deeper downstream.

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* Velocity- will become slower, as will the gradient, river will
become deeper and wider therefore the velocity will decrease.

* Cross-sectional area- will increase as there will be more water.

* Discharge- is the amount of water you have, and how much of it
will pass through a certain point. I presume will decrease due to
less water availability downstream.

* Perimeter- will increase as there is more water, due to the width
of the river increasing.

* Hydraulic Radius- will become more efficient due to less water
touching the banks as well as the depth increasing as the two are

In deciding which locations the readings are to be taken from,
stratified sampling can be used, this means selecting a point from
each of the main parts of the course of the river, we selected upper,
middle and lower.Due to hidden dangers and potential accidents we had
to make safety a major issue so we took many safety precautions
including going to the river when water levels weren't dangerously
high, choosing a calm day - avoiding hazardous weather. We made sure
that we all stayed together. It was essential that we wore warm
comfortable clothing with a first aid kit always at hand.

I will assemble the following information by visiting three sites:
Chesham Moor, Chenies, and Scots-bridge Mill. Where I will assess the
following things :

The Gradient- using a clinometers

The Width - using a tape measure

The Depth- using a meter ruler

The Cross Sectional Area

The velocity- using a Float and Hydro-prop

The Discharge

The Wetted Perimeter-using a tape measure

The Hydraulic Radius

The Manning's

The Averages

Whilst I am at each site I will take brief notes as well as detailed
diagrams of each river and it's habitat to illustrate a more vivid
investigation. I will also read into different sources to help me with
my investigation such as the journal the Geographical Review. In
addition to this I will be relying on computing resources to help me
analyse data.

Before we set out on our investigation we had several aims to

Does the river discharge increase the further from the source?

Is there a relationship between river width and stream velocity?

As the wetted perimeter increases, river velocity decreases.

In my analysis of the River Chess I selected three areas within the
river study. They were the Upper, Middle and lower part of the river.
I accomplished this by stratified sampling. The readings I received
from theseareas

The highest means have been highlighted in the table above, there are
a few anomalies in the table above, for example the mean water depth
at site three is extremely high to the rest this could be due to the
other groups getting their measurements wrong, or it could be due to
the water levels rising.

Site's mean float time again seems high compared to the rest.

The first site we visited was Chesham Moore; at this site I found that
there were a few conflicts that could be examined such as how humans
affected the area by building roads and houses. As the river was along
side a road, though it was built lower down so there was no risk of a
flooding which would harm the habitat. On the other side of the river
was much grassland, were a few people brought their pets to leave
free, which meant that if the river did flood it would not cause
damage as the soil would sink in the water. I noticed that in the
river was a fallen tree which added to the inconsistence at this site.
This river was shallow as the floor surface could be seen (full with

Chenies, the second site that we visited at this site I found that the
river was deepest. This river was situated by a field. There was also
a farm near by which would explain the few animals there


The third site we visited was Scots bridge Mill, which again was close
by to a large field, though there was a fence, along side the river
acting as a precaution.

I will compare my hypothesis with my actual results to see if there
are any anomalies. The gradient prediction did not match my actual
results though this may have been due to the weather changes, as we
were taking our measurements the wind was increasing it was only
inevitable that there would be a few anomalies. I predicted that the
gradient would increase though my result show it stating off fairly
high then decrease but then only to increase again.

Although my predictions about the width and the depth were correct as
they increased downstream. My predictions about the velocity of the
river also were correct as I presumed that the velocity would decrease
which it did because the river became deeper and wider. I was also
correct about the cross-sectional area as it increase due to the
increase in water. The discharge increases downstream as the
availability of water increases.
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