An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements

An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements

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An Analysis of Impulse Anti - Perspirant and Sure Anti - Perspirant Advertisements


Although these products, Impulse anti - perspirant and Sure
anti-perspirant are very similar, they are advertised in very
different ways, each, debatably, as effective as the other. Over the
next few paragraphs I will analyse both adverts and assess their brand
identities and target audiences.

Impulse anti - perspirant advert

This advert is very simple, with an eye-catching image of a woman
doing an ordinary thing (walking her dog) in a strange way (with her
arm up in the air meaning the dog has to walk upon its hind legs).
Along the bottom of the advert there is a caption which states "Stay
dry with new Impulse anti - perspirant" followed by the products
catchphrase "Free your arms". This text is followed by a picture of
the product, which is in the bottom right corner.

The Image

The woman is walking along a grey pathway and in the background there
is a plain grey wall, and as grey is a very dull colour it helps her
to stand out from the background.

Her clothes are blue, which, apart from making her stand out from the
background, is one of the major colours on the Impulse bottle, which
allows the reader to subconsciously match the product with the advert.
Another reason why the top is light blue in colour is because this is
a colour that would show up any sign of sweat, however small.

The woman is also a prime example of what other women strive to be,
thin, well dressed and overall a very sophisticated women.

The fact that the dog is on its hind legs is also a vital component to
the advert, as this is what makes the image such an eye - grabbing
piece, without this it is just a women walking down a street with one
of her arms in the air, a much less attention grabbing image.

The dog also helps fill out the advert, without it there still would

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be the women, but the vast majority of the piece would just be the
grey of the wall in the background.

The advert is shot as a long shot. This sacrifices some of the detail
of the expression on the woman's face, but allows all of her to be in
shot, and this is important because the fact that she is a well
dressed and sophisticated woman is a key factor in the advert. Also,
there is little need for an expression, as, in her eyes, she is doing
an everyday thing.

To bring the readers attention to the bottom of the page, where the
image of the Impulse bottle and text is, this advert uses a clever
device, it shows the women wearing light pink shoes, which stand out
against the blue and grey. The image of the Impulse bottle is then
less than a centimetre away, so is clearly visible, and as this is
next to the text, it means the reader gets the whole advert in one
glance, instead of either darting round the page or passing the advert

Diagram to show how the advert flows


The Text

The text in this advert is very much an insignificant part overall,
with the focus being on the image by far. However, it does serve a
purpose, as it helps to clarify the advert to readers who are
unfamiliar with the product, and allows readers who are familiar with
the product to absorb the catchphrase. So, when they are looking for
an anti - perspirant, they see the Impulse bottle and are reminded of
the catchphrase, and subsequently of the advert, making them more
likely to buy this product as opposed to a rival brand.

The text is also one of only two places where the name Impulse is
actually shown (the other being on the image of the product in the
bottom right corner), and subsequently is very important in getting
the brand name out.

The two captions are written in white, which, apart from standing out
from the grey background, is one of the major colours of the Impulse
bottle, which allows the reader to subconsciously connect the phrases
with the product. It also keeps a colour theme running through the
advert, which keeps the advert simple, yet effective.

Sure anti - perspirant advert

This advert for Sure anti - perspirant is very complex, especially in
comparison to the Impulse advert! It consists of a very large and
commanding image of the product, with both the larger and smaller
containers. However, this image is only half of the full picture, with
many other components in the other half of the advert, the catchphrase
for the advert "Bigger & Better", the very large bulk of text (which
takes up most of this half) and the image of a sponge in the bottom
left hand corner to complete the image. However, these components do
not stop the image of the product being the main focus point of the

The Image

The images in this advert are in both the foreground and the
background, with the text sandwiched in - between. In the foreground
(and in the right hand half of the advert) is the image of the
product, which dominates the advert. Then, in the background there are
two images, one of a sponge and the other of a soap dispenser. This
helps to associate the brand Sure with cleanliness and, subsequently,
purity. This makes the reader believe that if they buy this product
they will be clean and pure.

The background colour is a pale blue, which is the colour of water,
and this again helps to enhance the image of cleanliness and purity,
as most people tend to think of water as the epitome of clean, as they
use it to clean many of their household appliances, especially those
used for eating, such as plates and bowls. People also think of water
as fresh, and it is often described as such, for example fresh
mountain spring water. So, by creating a blue background, it connects
the product to water, making people associate the product with
cleanliness and freshness.

Another reason why the background is blue is because the Sure logo is
a pale blue tick, surrounded by a circle. This means that when the
reader sees the Sure logo, they will be reminded of this advert, which
will subconsciously remind them of water, cleanliness and purity.

The image of the soap dispenser is out of focus, which allows the
reader to absorb the text which is over the image easily, without
being confused by all the sharp lines which would distort the text.
This also adds another layer to the advert, as when you glance over
the advert for the first time, you don't really notice it, as your
eyes are drawn to more outstanding points (for example the title), yet
when you look at the advert more closely, you recognise what it is.

The picture of the product is very large and subsequently very eye -
catching. This makes the reader visually remember the product, instead
of relying on them remembering a fancy advert and being reminded of
the product. This image also makes use of the fact that Sure anti -
perspirant is in a very large container, with one hundred millilitres
more than the average size container.

This advert is taken as a close up shot. This allows the reader to see
everything on the page, but sacrifices the surrounding detail and the
background. However, in this advert, the main focus is on the product
alone, so there is little need for large amounts of the background to
be seen. The advert could also have been taken as a big close up, but
this would have sacrificed all background detail, and would have made
the text and image overlap, making the advert look unprofessional and

The image of the larger container is set further back than the picture
of the smaller container. This is done very precisely and is important
to the advert, as the larger container is set back in such a way that
all the text and graphics on the two containers line up, meaning that
the reader can clearly see the logo and brand name, and they can look
at both images at once, instead of flicking between them.

The Text

There is a very large amount of text in this advert, with both a title
and four paragraphs of text. This can be both a negative point and a
positive point, as some viewers will see the very large bulk of text
and instantly be put off by it, others will see the large bulk of
text, yet not read it, and will be given the impression that the
product is amazing, as there is so much to write about it, whilst
others still will read the text and be persuaded that this brand is
the best, as it does so many things, such as "work even against
emotional sweat".

The text also uses massive amounts of persuasive language, so if
someone does take the time to read through all the text they will
favour this product over others, as all the persuasive language has
,made them think that this product is by far the best. Examples of the
persuasive language are; "clinically proven", "Revolutionary
technology", "even longer lasting" and "dermatologically tested"

Within the text the brand name (Sure) is used several times, and is in
bold text whenever used. This means that the reader absorbs the brand
name many times, so when they think of an anti - perspirant they
instantly think of Sure. Also, as the name Sure is in bold it means
that it stands out, and the reader does not have to read the large
bulk of text to see it. Subsequently, someone who just glances at the
advert will see the name Sure six times!

The title "Bigger and Better" is very effective, as it makes people
think, that if this product is both in a larger container and it is
more effective than other anti - perspirants, then there is no reason
not to get it. However, the advert does not tell the reader the price
of the product and their attention is drawn to the fact that this
product is both bigger and better than other rival brands. Therefore,
the reader instantly forgets about cost implications, so when they get
round to buying the product, they are convinced that it is worth the
extra money, yet if the price had been featured in the advert, the
reader may have instantly rejected the product as expensive.

The title is also very eye - catching as the word "Bigger" is written
in a larger font, grabbing the readers attention. It also is close to
the text, directing the reader's attention there.

The text is blue, which is important as it keeps with the colour
scheme. This helps to keep the advert together, as if the title was
one colour, and the text was a totally different colour, the advert
would look messy and unprofessional. Another reason why the text is
blue is that it again reminds the reader of water, which is clean and
pure, and that is exactly what you want with an anti - perspirant,
something that will keep you clean.

The question at the top of the paragraphs of text, "Nightmare
situation?" is in a larger font and in bold. This makes it stand out,
so it is read before the text. The purpose of this question is to
personalise the advert, as the reader will see this question and will
probably be reminded of a "Nightmare situation", making them more
likely to read on, hoping that this text will tell them how to avoid
another "Nightmare situation".


So, these adverts are both constructed in very different ways, and the
finished products are very different. However, are their intended
brand identities and target audiences the same?

Brand Identity

Both products want to come across as a product that works, which is
made clear by the eye - catching image in the impulse advert, and the
bulk of text in the Sure advert. However, both products do have a more
individual brand identity.

The Impulse advert is trying to make the brand "Impulse" come across
as a very trendy and classy product. This is made very clear, not only
by the style of advert (a striking image which is in a joking style,
which is more appealing to a trendy women than a picture of the
product) but also by the choice of model in the advert itself, a woman
who is wearing trendy and stylish clothes, a middle class, independent

The Sure advert is trying to make the brand "Sure" come across as a
product that does exactly what it says it will, almost as if when you
buy Sure, you have a guarantee that it's going to work. This is made
clear in the advert by the large amount of text; it's trying to
persuade the reader that if they buy this product, it will do all
these things. The logo and text also supports this; the is a tick, to
suggest that it has been done correctly, it works, and the text is big
and bold, which is a style often used for facts, it is hard hitting
and bold. The name Sure supports this as well, as it suggests that the
product is "Sure" to work.

Target Audience

The target audience for both products is obviously women. However,
both products do have a more refined target audience that they are
attracting in these adverts.

The Impulse is trying to attract the younger and trendy women, and
this is made very clear by the style of advert, a bold image with
little text, which allows the reader to instantly see the image as
they are turning the page, and as many of the women in this group want
to be seen as normal they wonder why the women is doing such a strange
thing, and stop to look at the advert, which is when they see the
Impulse logo. Another feature of the advert that makes it clear that
the younger women in the picture, as she is of that age group, trendy,
confident and independent, just like many of the women in the group
they are appealing to. The font that the product uses on its container
also makes this point, it's not a font that is big and bold, it's in a
handwritten style, personalising it to the "select" group of people
that are "allowed to use it".

The Sure adverts target audience is the middle aged business
women/older women, who isn't bothered about what brand name her anti -
perspirent is, as long as it works. This is why the Sure advert has
gone for an advert that tells the reader everything that it does,
rather than trying to make the brand look like it is the coolest brand
around. This is made clear by the image on the advert as well, it is
just an image of the product, so the reader doesn't have to search for
a hidden message within the advert, everything is just there. Also,
this advert focuses on the fact that the container is one hundred ml
larger than a normal container, and as a business women doesn't want
to have to go out and buy an anti - perspirant every week, this will
appeal to her.
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