Original Writing - I'm Pregnant

Original Writing - I'm Pregnant

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I'm Pregnant- Original Writing- "Incomplete Esssay"

Background Information:-

Young girl of sixteen called Cathy has found out that she is pregnant;
she has decided to break the news to her long term boyfriend named
Conner who is seventeen. Cathy is very nervous about the situation as
she does not know how Conner is going to react. Cathy has known she is
pregnant for a week but it has taken her this long to build up the
courage to say something. To make matters worse her parents come from
a strongly religious Catholic background which means if she tells her
parents she could face having no moral support as sex before marriage
is not approved and abortions are not permitted.

(Scene opens after Cathy has told Conner she is pregnant – they are in
Cathy’s bedroom)

Conner: Uh……….huh…………….What?

Cathy: I’m pregnant

Conner: Yeah I know…

Cathy: then…

Conner: it’s just what the…….what the bloody
fuck…………arrrrrrrrrrg… PREGNANT…

Cathy: Shhhh keep it down my parents…….(points to the

Conner: …..this is only suppose to happen in the (emphasis)

Conner: (a pause while he holds head in hands)..........I’m
not equipped to cope with this.

Cathy: (timidly) sorry

Conner: (raised voice) SORRY

Cathy: (jumps-followed by a pause) are you very angry
with me?

Conner: YES………NO…… not really, it’s not like it’s just your

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fault we’re both responsible for this mess. How long have you known?

Cathy: A week but I’m about a month and half along and

Conner: There’s an AND

Cathy: …its twins! (Looks on the verge of tears)

Conner: Oh my God. Oh (pause) my (pause) God! Must remember
to breathe ………a month and

a half…twins!……how could YOU let this happen – I thought you were on
the pill?

Cathy: I was and don’t you blame this all on me, its your
fault to…you shouldn’t have got me drunk!

Conner: What has drunkenness got to do with anything?

Cathy: The New Year party? - Vomiting – it stops the pill
from working properly I read so in that little instruction booklet!
(Sighs and holds head) I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t know
what to do.

Conner: Neither do I

Cathy: If my parents find out they’ll kill me, we’re
Catholic remember! I’m not even suppose to

be having sex!

Conner: (pause)………..Are you sure?

Cathy: About what? That I’m pregnant? Yes

Conner: Oh……………When can you get rid of it – ill come with
you if you want?

Cathy: What have an abortion?

Conner: Yes! You’re not thinking about keeping are you?

Cathy: (no answer – turns away from Conner)

Conner: Cathy? Answer me dam it! You don’t want a
baby…babies do you? You’re only sixteen for God sakes having a
baby...babies will ruin your whole life! Not to mention mine!

Cathy: Maybe having an abortion will as well – I’d have
to live my whole life knowing that I KILLED my own child – I won’t
become a murder no matter what you do Conner!

Conner: What do you want to do then – what can we do?

Cathy: Umm……(pauses swallows)……….get married!

Conner: Married?

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