Performing Harold Brighouse's Hobson's Choice

Performing Harold Brighouse's Hobson's Choice

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Performing Harold Brighouse's Hobson's Choice

Dear Mr Doyle,

I am currently planning a show and propose to perform Harold
Brighouse’s Hobson’s Choice. This play raises some important issues,
and I feel that students and their parents would ultimately benefit
from seeing this work. You might ask why I have chosen this piece,
while there are many other plays with well worked-out plots and
themes, which could provide “food for thought” for our students.

The reason that I have chosen Hobson’s Choice is that it may be
particularly beneficial to the majority of our school community,
including teachers and parents. This is because the piece addresses
the challenges of family life and of relationships between the
generations. This work carries a strong message about the difficulties
faced by both parents and children over the issue of independence. It
portrays the struggle between a determined father and his three

For those of you who have not seen this play, it tells the story of a
man called Hobson who runs a shoe shop with his three daughters. He
has always limited his daughters’ activities and denied them
independence. The twist of the story comes when Hobson’s eldest
daughter Maggie proposes to Willie Mossop, the boot-maker in her
fathers shop. This infuriates her father as he had decided that she
would not marry but look after him in his old age. The story deepens
when Maggie and Willie make a shoe shop themselves which starts to run
more successfully than Hobson’s shoe shop. The struggle that follows
Maggie’s actions shows that the younger generation needs its
independence. I feel that the benefit of this play for the two age
groups, students and adults, will be greater understanding of each
others’ viewpoints.

The play also warns us of the dangers of alcohol abuse. The father has
an alcohol problem which makes him act more aggressively towards his
children. The audience can see the ill effects of drinking excessively
on family life. This in effect can be inspiring for some members of

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the audience to realise how lucky they are not to face such problems.

You may ask if the language of the play is suitable for all ages, and
may I reassure you that the language is suitable for everyone. The
dialogue used will be true to life, such as all of the students will
have heard. I do not believe that the play will teach anyone
unsuitable words, or encourage the use of bad language. Without the
inclusion of some rough expressions the atmosphere of the play would
be whitewashed and blind everyone to the unique Northern way of

You may also be wondering how we will be able to obtain all the
correct props and stage backdrops, but having seen the play for myself
it seems pretty straightforward.

There should be no problem in making a quality set with minimal props
and backdrops.

Organising the play will also be quite simple because we will only
require twelve people as actors. I believe we should make a point of
considering inviting the students and staff of Richards Lodge High
School in order to make the whole experience more vibrant. Two schools
will thus benefit from one play.

I believe that one positive effect of this play being performed by our
students is that it will add to the school’s atmosphere by enabling
the students to work together.

They will have an opportunity to be involved in both the making and
performance of this play. I am sure we all agree that the more
students involved the better not only for you but for the students,

I hope I have given enough information for you to make a decision. If
not, you can always get in contact with me if you have any more
questions. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,
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