Buying and Using a Computer

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Buying and Using a Computer Lots of students and their parents are thinking about buying a computer but not many of them understand the differences between different ones, and what to look for in a good computer. I am going to create a presentation that can be shown on our school open evening, giving basic information about what makes up a computer and what to look for in a computer. I will need to do some research. I need to find information about computers for sale – how much they cost and what they contain. I also need to get some information about the different parts of a computer. I can get some basic information from my school IT textbook. I can get information about computers for sale from newspaper adverts and the Internet. Collecting information First I looked in my textbook and found some information about the basic parts of a computer – input devices, output devices, processor, memory and backing storage. Then I collected some adverts from newspapers. These contained a mixture of desktop PCs and notebooks, of varying prices. You can see some of the adverts I found on the next page. I will find it easier to use information if I can get it from the Internet – I will be able to copy and paste pictures and details without having to scan the pictures and retype the information. I can use search engines to find what I want. I will start using Google, which will allow me to choose just UK site. I could also use Ask Jeeves, where you can type in a sentence or a question. First I searched for computer suppliers: [IMAGE] At first sight this gave me far too many results, even though I clicked the “UK sights only” button. However, on the first page of results was a page that seemed to be links to lots of relevant sites: [IMAGE] I clicked on this and it gave me quite a few useful links:

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