The Work of Bletchley Park

The Work of Bletchley Park

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The Work of Bletchley Park
Source Based

Bletchley Park was kept very separate. You only knew what you and your
group were doing, and only the people with the higher ranks knew what
was going on in the rest of the park. However the source does not tell
me what year this was, or when or how long people worked on their
projects. Also, the intelligence staff writing the source does not say
anything about code braking; it was all kept very secret. I don't
think the writer of source A would have known exactly everything that
was going on, incase the writer of the source and the other workers
spoke out about Bletchley Park in public.

Question 2.

Does the evidence of source c support the evidence of sources A and B
about the work of BletchleyPark? Explain your answer.

I think source C supports the evidence of sources A and B about the
work of Bletchly Park. For example, all three sources imply us of how
secretive it was, and that no-one really knew what was going on,
source A - "I hadn't a clue what was going on in the rest of the park
and nobody else had a clue what we were doing" source C - "We didn't
often know the results of our activities".

However, source B doesn't have much in common with source C. Source C
does not tell me when it was written. Therefore it could have been
written at a different time during the war. As Bletchly Park went
through many stages during the war, it is most probable that the
writers view was different to source B, which was written at the start
of the war.

Also, source C was written by one of the code breakers. The code
breakers would naturally know more about what was going on in the
park. Whereas in source B it does not say what the woman was going to
work as. Also, as the writers of each source were working in different
huts, they would have different views on what was going on in the

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In conclusion, I think source C supports sources A and B because they
all agree that they didn't know what was going on. However they do
have some differences, like the dates of when the sources were
written, and the people who wrote the sources.

Question 3.

How useful are sources D and E in helping you to understand how
BletchleyParkwas able to crack the enigma codes?

Source D gives a lot of information on how codes were dealt with in
the park. It tells us after it comes through hut 6, into hut 3, the
corrupt German codes are handed out and it had to be translated into
English. "The head of the watch handed out all of these messages to
the watch in what seemed to him to be the priority." However, it only
says that the broken codes came through in German, and it was their
job to translate it. Source D does not help me understand how the
codes were actually cracked.

Source E is only a picture of an enigma machine, it does help me to
understand what they looked like, and it is very complicated, so the
work for the people using the enigma machines must have been complex
and hard. But it does not show how they were used or what they did.
This doesn't help in trying to understand how Bletchly Park was able
to crack enigma codes.

I know from my own knowledge, in the Bletchley Park coursework booklet
that they cracked the enigma codes through hut 6, not through hut 3.

In conclusion source D does not help me to understand how the enigma
codes were cracked. But it did tell me what happened in hut 3, after
the codes were cracked. However source E showed me how complicated it
must have been to crack the codes, but because it didn't have any
annotation or written information, it did not tell me anything else on
how the codes were cracked.

Question 4

Use sources F and G, and your own knowledge, to explain the importance
of Bletchley Park to the war effort.

Bletchley Park was very useful to the war effort. Winston Churchill
believed this. Churchill Tells his chief of staff in source F to get
the workers in Bletchley Park what they needed. "Make sure that they
have all that they want extreme priority." I think he did this to try
and boost the moral and motivate the workers at Bletchley Park.

Source G agrees with source F. In source G one of the code breakers in
hut 6 describes how important his work was. "You would have to work at
it very, very hard". Sometimes they had to stay up all night trying to
crack the codes. They wouldn't have to stay up all night trying to
break the codes if it was not important to the war effort.

However, the code breaker in hut 6 might have been biased. They would
not have said that their work was not important, instead they would
want to make it seem like they're important to the war effort.

But Bletchley Park was significant to the war effort on many important
occasions. For example, in 1941 during the war at sea, Bletchley
Parkmanaged to crack the German navy enigma codes. This then aloud
Bletchly Park to intercept intelligence from the German navy u-boats,
and this information was given to the merchant ships. The number of
allied merchant and navy ships destroyed, by German u-boats, declined
greatly. Admiral Doenitz was suspicious of this and decided to add
another wheel onto the enigma machine just incase the Allies had
broken the code. This proved an even greater challenge for the workers
at Bletchley Park, and they could not break it for nearly a whole
year. But in December 1942 Bletchley Park managed to crack this new

Also in 1944, Bletchly Park revealed where the Germans had predicted
where the allies where going to land the d-day forces. Because of
this, Churchill moved the landing points away from where the main
German forces were. Without this information the allies would not have
won the battle of d-day and carried on to win the war.

However, Bletchley Park was not significant at the beginning of the
war, as it did not have any information that was useful. For example
in the battle of Britain in 1940, Bletchley did not help the allied
forces. What did help in the battle of Britainwas the invention of the
radar and that the RAF was superior to the Luftwaffe. This meant that
the RAF was able to take out the threat of the Luftwaffe long before
they reached their targets.

As well as the battle of Britain, Bletchly Park did not help at
Dunkirk in 1940. 338,000 troops managed to escape from the advancing
German troops, across the English Channel from Dunkirk to England.
Bletchly Park did not help in this at all, and was a disaster to the
allies as they had been pushed back out of Germany.

In conclusion Bletchley Park was very important to the war effort.
Both sources F and G agree with this. Also other key battles during
World War 2 proved that without Bletchley Park, the allies would not
have won the war. However there were other points were Bletchley Park
was not significant, for example at the beginning of the war, and

Question 5

The writer of source I believed that BletchleyParkhad a very great
impact on the outcome of the Second World War.

Use the sources and your own knowledge to explain whether you agree
with this view.

In my opinion I agree with source I. "It undoubtedly must have
shortened the war". The writer of this source would have said this for
many reasons. Firstly, before D-Day took place Bletchley Park
intercepted codes from Germany, and sent back fake codes pretending to
be German spies telling them that the allies were attacking around
Calais. Because of this, the Germans sent most of the troops around
Calais, leaving the Normandy coast open. Without this, the allies
would not have got into Nazi territory and on to win the war.

However, Bletchley Park wasn't the only service that helped to create
the opening in Normandy. Bombers were sent over to Calais on bombing
missions to make the Nazis think that they were softening up the area.
Also the Germans thought that the allies would send the troops to
Calaisbecause it is the closest place to the British coast.

Also, Bletchley Parkwasn't doing the fighting, the soldiers were.
Without the soldiers there would not have been an allied force, and
without an allied force we would not have won the war. But, without
the information from Bletchley Park we probably would not have won
important battles like the Battle of the Atlantic, and the African

Even when Bletchley Parkwasn't needed, it was still helping. Bletchley
Park was constantly gaining information on where the enemy was, and
what they were going to do. This helped to plan future battles, and
avoid unwanted contact with the enemy.

However, sometimes, when Bletchley Park had found out some helpful
information, it could not be used. This was in case the enemy got
suspicious that the allies had broken the enigma code, and the allies
feared that the Germans would make the code harder to crack. Also,
some military officers refused to believe Bletchley Park.

Source F implies That Bletchley Park is very important. It is a memo
written by Winston Churchill telling Lord Ismay to give Bletchley Park
whatever it needs. "Make sure that they have all that they want
extreme priority". Churchill would not have done this if Bletchley
Park was not important.

Also source H implies that the work they did at Bletchley Park was
very important. "You would work at it very, very hard." Also the
workers at Bletchley Park often stayed up all night. "Sometimes you
had to spend the whole night assuming every position that there could
be on the three wheels". They wouldn't have stayed up all night if it
was not important to the war effort. But, The writers of these sources
and source I, would not have said that what they did was not
important; they would want people to think that their job was one of
the most important ones.

In conclusion, I agree with the writer of source I when he says that
Bletchley Park had a great impact on the outcome of the Second World
War. This is because without the information that Bletchley Park was
able to get, we would have lost very important battles, like D-Day,
and the Battle of the Atlantic. Other sources also agree.

However, Bletchley Park was not the only service to have an impact on
the outcome of the Second World War. Without soldiers, or military
officers making the decisions, the allies would not have won any

"T.V. was the main reason for the ending of segregation" do you agree?

TV was the main reason for segregation ending. By 1957 81% of
Americans owned a TV. People were watching lots of riots,
demonstration walks and speeches, for example "I have a dream" by
Martin Luther King.

Segregation in Americawas where black Americans were treated worse
than white people. Martin Luther King made sure that TV was showing
his peaceful marches and speeches, as this would make more black and
white Americans on his side. For example 250,000 Americans took place
on the great march of Washington DC in 1963; only 60,000 of these were

T.V helped to pass lots of laws, the main one being the civil rights
movement. The reason for this law being passed was because more people
had TV's, and were watching riots and protests where blacks were being
treated horrifically.

However, laws were passed before TV was popular in America. For
example the bus boycott in 1955. This was done in a peaceful way, and
only got around mainly by word. But more laws were passed after 1957
that helped black Americans as TV was popular.

Also, it seemed to lots of Americans that President Kennedy and
President Johnson were fighting wars around the world to stop
communism, while at home he was doing nothing to stop segregation and
make America a better country. This could be seen all around the
world, through TV. Other people from other countries joined the
protestors in America.

In conclusion, I believe TV was the main reason for the ending of
segregation. TV was used to get lots of Americans on the side of
Martin Luther King and other organizations. But TV was not the only
reason for the ending of segregation, for example when the bus boycott
was held TV was not as common as it was for the main civil rights
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