The Impact Of ICT On My Life

The Impact Of ICT On My Life

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For this assignment I will explain what affect ICT has on my everyday
life, I will take aspects of the ICT that I use and I will explain why
and how they help me in my day-to-day routine. The ICT technologies
that I will include will be:

v Internet technologies

v Communication technologies

v Entertainment technologies

v Pc technologies

In these technologies I will be explaining the Internet, email, mobile
phone, word processing and mp3s.

These are things that affect daily life the most, they help me with
presenting homework, help me keep in contact with people, and help me
to be entertained where ever I go.

I also use other technologies in my everyday life at home and at
school these range from TV, DVD player, I also use excel and other
office software to enable me to complete school work.

ICT helps me with an lot of my everyday routine and jobs that I need
and have to do during the day, it has a big impact on my life at home
and at school as I will now go on to explain.

My Personal Use Of ICT At Home

Digital TV

At home I have ntl digital, I use this for my personal use when I am
at home I use it for watching the TV channels that I enjoy watching,
which include trouble music channels and the basic channels 1,2,3,4,5.

First, digital will offer advanced teletext services and programme
guides. You choose the page and it appears, this is really good
because if there isn't any thing on the TV you can send an email or
play the games and even do the shopping.


Get five in a row to beat the machine. (20K)

Digital offer interactive services and the Internet, bringing
facilities such as on-line banking and shopping into the home via the
TV screen. This means I can shop online and often just ring up for a

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product with my mums permission and she pays with her credit card.

In April 1999 they made some simple interactive games available to
viewers. (see picture above.) I find these useful because if there
isn't any thing on the TV I can play games and it helps me relax and
take my mind off school work. They are usually about 50p each and my
mum lets me put them on the bill by entering the digital pin number we
were given. She limits my use to £5 a month with usually means I can
play 10 games.

The other good thing about digital TV is because there are so many
channels to choose from, digital TV provides an EPG, an Electronic
Programme Guide, a menu-driven system enabling you to change channels
and also see what programmes are on. You don't need a teletext set to
use it, all of the equipment is right there in the set-top box.

Ntls Digital's EPG is called Guide.

SkyGuide Main Menu (4K)

SkyGuide TV Listings (16K)

SkyGuide - highlight a programme and get information on it (15K)

By pressing the "guide" button on the remote control and a menu of
channels comes up. Choose the type of channel (e.g. Sports,
Entertainment), and a list is shown. The guide shows what's on for the
next hour or so on each channel. Choosing the channel then switches
the Digibox to that channel, and a box appears at the foot of the
picture momentarily, to confirm the channel name, what's on now and
what's on next.

The EPG is also used to set Parental Control settings and to order
programmes from Sky Box Office. I have to ask my mum's permission to
order these but sometimes she lets me and we all watch films together
as a family. I can also set the EPG to remind me when my favourite
shows are about to start. I just hit the red button and put in the
time I want reminding. This is really useful to me as well as the
option to set up a shortcut key to all my favourite channels, I can
get to them all really easily.

Overall I think that digital TV is fantastic and interesting I use it
all the time I use the EPGs to remind me what I want to watch and I
have I verity of different channels to watch and it helps me to relax
on my own or with my friends.

However, expensive, mum moans

System down, no ariel can't watch even basic 5 terrestrial channels
and as I don't but a TV guide as I use the EPG all the time, I don't
know what's on and so often miss my favourite programmes.

but I think that it is quite expensive and can be slow and
unresponsive sometimes but I think that digital tv meets my needs and
has every thing and more that I need from the tv.

There are down side to having digital TV instead of just the normal
channels, these are that some times the service may be down and also
that you have to pay about £9 a month for a basic package but because
I have music channels and others so it costs around £12 a month which
I think is pretty expensive, but I enjoy it because it has a range of
different things that you can do.

My social Use Of ICT At Home

Mobile Phone


I have a nokia 3100 .The phone can have glow-in-the-dark cover - when
it's charged with light you can easily find your phone in the dark,
which is very use full if you need to find it! When you get a call,
the Nokia 3100 phone flashes in tune with your ringing tone. And


when you snap on a Nokia Xpress-onâ„¢ gaming cover, you'll get
luminescent light effects in time to the gaming action.

This is a Xpress-on


You can take photos with the Fun Camera which is a add on that you can
buy separately, this is really good because I can have a camera on the
phone if I need. The camera comes with a flash so you can capture the
fun indoors and out. Then you can just load the photos on to your
Nokia 3100 phone, write a note, add a smiley, and share the moment
with your friends.

you can play the day away with the pre-installed Javaâ„¢ games on the
Nokia 3100 phone, including the all new Beach Rally, which is a really
good game. You can add and change the games when you feel like it
thanks to Javaâ„¢ technology, so when you're ready for a new challenge,
simply download new games to your Nokia 3100 phone.

These are the key features of the phone:

v Glow-in-the-dark cover

v Flashing lights when phone rings

v Multimedia Messaging

v Javaâ„¢ games

v [IMAGE]Nokia Xpress-onâ„¢ Gaming cover (available separately)

v Animated screensavers

v Capture the fun with Fun Camera (available separately)

v Tri-band phone (GSM 900/1800/1900)

v Hands free speaker

v xHML browser

v Colour display

I use my mobile phone for different things such as:

v Multimedia Messaging (MMS)

* [IMAGE]I can receive messages containing text, audio, and image,
which can be saved as wallpapers and ringing tones;

* I can send messages containing images, audio and text to other
compatible phones; delivery reports; multiple recipients; scaling.

* Maximum size 45 kB per message

v Email

* SMS Email this allows me to send texts to a email adderess on a

v [IMAGE]Text Messaging (SMS)

* SMS distribution list, which allows me to send SMS messages to a
lot of people at once.

* Message register, this tells me what messages I have received and
sent to whom and when.

* Up to 150 text messages or 50 picture/concatenated messages, which
is really good because I can send quite long messages but some
times it isn't long enough.

* Concatenated SMS: Send and receive up to 6 messages (885

* Predictive text input: Support for all major languages for Europe,
Africa, and APAC

v Games

* Beach rally, Snake EX2, Bowling, these are really handy to do
because if there isn't nothing to do I can play on games

* Possibility to download new games.

v Phone calls

* Speed dialling for up to 9 names, which means I don't have to
scroll for important numbers.

* Last number redial from dialled calls list (dial-key brings out
the dialled calls list)

* Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)

* Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)

* Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer

* Automatic and manual network selection

* Closed User Group

* Conference call (up to 5 participants)

* Integrated hands free speaker

Over all I think that the nokia 3100 meets my needs but it depends on
what tariff that you are on to how expensive it is I am on vodafone
which I find quite cheap, it's a cheap and easy way to communicate
with friends, I can have my phone wherever I go and it doesn't take up
much room. I think that this phone would be better with an integrated
mp3 player and intergrated camera.

Links. However usually email is part of your internet connection and
it is one of the most used internet facilities.

In order to receive or send an email you need to have an email
adderess and you need to know the address of the person to whom you
wish to send a message.

Addresses are made upin a standard way using the following elements:

v User identification e.g. Maryb your name or a name you wish to
choose. It is usual to have part of your own name to make it easily

v The @ or at symbol to locate the person.

v The domain name of the computer reciving your email e.g. nmit for
Northern Melbourne Institute of tafe.

v The type of organisation e.g. edu for educational institution or gov
for government.

v And finally au to locate the address in Australia.

The final address will look like this:

the address may vary according to where you are in the word and which
email service you use.

So over all email is cheaper and faster than a letter, less intrusive
than a phone call, less hassle than a fax. Also the differences in
time zones and the location is less of a obstacle.

It meets my needs, I use it on a daily basis to send and receive
emails it is a easier way to collect my mail and it could be improved
if along with the emails that I get, I didn't also get junk mail as
well, but the email servers have a way to stop junk mail and it goes
into a separate inbox. The other disadvantage of email is that it
isn't in real time so if you send a urgent massage you don't know if
they have got it because they only get the emails when they open the
emails, so msn messenger or a txt message would maybe be better for
urgent notices because theses are in real-time.


As you can see in the report I have written I use a lot of ict within
my daily life and it has a big effect von my lifestyle and I belive
that without the use of ict everday tasks would be considerably more
difficult. I also belive that we will evolve as ict evolve and become
more efficient.
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