Basics of Web Page Design

Basics of Web Page Design

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Basics of Web Page Design

Im am going to analyse a music group website, the website address is and its all about a band called roll deep crew.
Its all about a crew from the underground of garage that like to make
there own version of music.

This is what the front page looks like:


From the front page it look professional there's a little intro that
you can either choose to watch or skip. This is good as you can
clearly see where you have to click if you want to get rid of the
intro. The videos good as it doesn't take all day to load and it shows
what roll deep crew is all about, making music. The colour of the
front page its vivid colours this shows that this music is underground
garage and its all very dark and secret. The right is bright white so
it stands out more, which is good, as you don't need to concentrate to
find the words that you want.

Then when you get on to the front page there is a list of headings,
which you can choose from:


Chat room


Ring tones


Guest book

Contact us


Lyrics (still being developed)


These are the main links that the people who view the site use so
these are the bits that are updated as soon as it's out of date. This
is good as it basically outlines the website very simply and user
friendly. You can also find anything you want to now about roll deep
crew in under five clicks of the mouse, which is very useful and
doesn't waste your time. When you click on one of the menus it should
take more then 7 seconds as well or people start getting bored and

From the start to the finish on this website they always use the same
background which is black, green and sliver writing.

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This shows
consistency and will bring familiarity to the regular fans that check
the site.

This pages target audience is aim at around 18yr olds, middle class,
so they stick to the basics of what they need to know. This is
demonstrated on the front page instead of loads of writing there are
40 words, which basically tell you who are the main member of the
group. This means that you don't spend ages reading the first page; it
means that you can spend longer on the other parts of the web page.
The writing is also very bright white so it stands out an you don't
have to take ages looking for the bit of information.

As you click on the picture heading you instantly get picture of the
people in the group holding microphones and live performances. This is
good as the main things that bring human eyes to the page are the
faces of really people. Also all the pictures are small and thoughtful
and used very sparingly. This is good as it means the website can run
quicker then if it had massive pictures. But also if you want the
larger pictures of the small images then you click on the picture you
want and the small picture enlargers on the page.

This site is also good as it uses no moving images which will mean
that people will get less irritated which will mean people will stay
on the site longer.

There are plenty of navigation aids which make the site easy to use
for people of all ages and it also means the site is very user

They update every week with the new forum topics and if they have
brought a new song out they will put it on the audio heading and also
if its good they will bring it out as a ringtones.

It is also very printer friendly the lyrics that are coming soon to
the site can be viewed as a printer friendly page.

Business to business website I am look at a wholesalers under the
website and I think this is a nice website to look at
for a wholesalers.

The front page is very simple and plain:


This basically is you see you can get it, there are a few off the new
in offers on the front page but there is a whole list of products you
can buy off them in bulk. As you click on the a link under one of the
pictures it will take you to this page:


As you can see it is very plain and simple it tells you the amount of
products you're getting, the price off one of your products then the
price over all for all the products. It also show you a picture of the
product you buying and a bit of information. I also think this is good
as it tell you the RRP price for one off them which means this can
help you work out your profit if you can sell them all.

This site is also good as its a protected site which means all the
details you give the site is well protected from hackers and other
companies. It also means the company cannot give your information away
unless they have permission.

The colours are pretty boring the background is just black and white
and its really plain

Also another annoying thing is pops up for another company shows up,
which you can't, get rid off for at least a minute so it's really

Another good thing on this site is that you can see what other people
brought when they brought this product so it helps with new ideas and
this gets you better stock prospects.

Easyjet has a very interesting website which is good for all the
countries across the world as on the start up page there is a screen
which tells you which language you want to view the site in:


Then after you click on your specified language it will take you to a
page like this:


This basically gives you a map and a list of place that where you can
go. The really good thing about this site is that its interactive and
when you click on the link for England it shows you all the available
destinations that you can travel to like from Liverpool you can go to

It also shows you options off if you want a single flight or if you
want a package holiday.

It also has a up to date live flight schedule so you can see if you
flight has been delayed before you even get to the airport.

The colours are bright and stand out so its makes you interested in
the site. It also draws your eyes away from the boring facts and make
the ones where they want to take money off you stand out even more.

It also tell you about the latest new from the company which is good
as it will tell you the truth about the company.
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