Improving the SmartsLeisure Park Website

Improving the SmartsLeisure Park Website

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Improving the SmartsLeisure Park Website

In this report I shall be seeing how smarts leisure has set up their
website and how it compares to four different leisure park companies
and how they have set up their websites.

My first thought is that the Smarts Leisure site needs to be entirely
updated. First of all they need to make the homepage more interesting.
For example, the first thing that a person notices when they enter the
Thorpe Park site is the fact that it appeals to all ages because it
has one main site throughout the year but changes for the holidays
E.G. Halloween and Christmas. So Smarts needs to think about for whom
the website is going to be and then they need to change the website so
that it will appeal to the particular audience that they have chosen.

The colours on this site are very dull and uninteresting, the colour
green doesn't really appeal to any generation, and brighter, more
woodland colours would appeal to people interested in these sorts of
activities and also still tie in with the theme of the website. The
green they have chosen to use would be more affective if there were
more 'woodland' colours to complement it because it will make the site
stand out more and entice the viewer to around the site. For example,
the Paultons Park website uses very bright colours, with many
attractive pictures of the rides and other things you can do at the
park, but the Smarts site has no pictures that look particularly
exciting so no one is going to want to look around the site.

The links also need to be changed. It is not clear what the viewer
needs to click on to navigate around the site. For example on the
Thorpe parks website the links are bold and chunky and can clearly be
seen. Also on the Drayton manor website the links are clearly shown at
the top of the page, with drop down menus for sub-sections within the
link. An even more interesting site is the chessington world of

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adventures site because on its homepage you choose whether you are a
child or an adult. On the adult section the links are very clear and
have drop down menus as well but on the children's section the links
are set out on an interactive basis. You use your mouse to move
through the land and the links are set out as pictures that are
highlighted when you scroll over them. So the links need to be bright,
bold and easy to read so that any viewer can see and use the links.

The pages that come after the links are all dull too and have the same
colour scheme as the home page. On the chessington world of adventures
site in the two sections the pages are set out differently but still
have the same information. In the children's section the pages come up
as a scroll and all have different colour fonts and all contain
pictures as well. On the adult section the pages are set out quite
plainly but the important information is highlighted by using bright
bold colours to attract your eye. So, on the smarts website they need
to set out the pages so they are more attractive to the eye and maybe
use different colour schemes to portray what the pages is about E.G.
on the swimming pool page you could use a blue and green colour scheme
for water, and in the snowboarding page you can use whites and light
blues to show the snow.

Another thing that the smarts website needs is something to attract
the kids to it. On all of the websites I have studied for this report,
Chessington world of adventures, Thorpe Park, Drayton manor and
Paultons Park, all have uses of sound and/or animation on their
websites. Smarts has none. On the Thorpe Park website there is an
introduction with uses of animation and sound to entice you to find
out more about the park.


Also on the chessington world of adventures website there is a
significant use of sound and animation on the children's section to
get them interested into visiting the park.

Also on the Paultons Park website there is use of sound when you
highlight the links and on the Drayton manor website there is little
uses of animation and sound but there is an information bar running
across the screen.

Another thing about the smarts website is that he information
displayed on the screen to you is not clear and some of the stuff
displayed can hardly be seen because it is small and doesn't stand out
from the page. So smarts will need to change the colours and the size
of the text to make it stand out. As on all the other websites I have
studied the text and other information can be clearly seen and is easy
to read.

Overall I think that Smarts Leisure need to change their website
completely because at the moment the page looks dull and doesn't
invite you as a viewer to look further into the site, and this could
cause people to loose interest in the place that they might have
visited because it doesn't look exciting to them.
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