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Database Report


A database contains a collection of information organised in such a
way that a computer program can quickly select pieces of data. You can
think of a database as an electronic filing system.

A field is a single piece of information; a record is one complete set
of fields; and a file is a collection of records. For example, a
telephone book is analogous to a file. It contains a list of records,
each of which

To access information from a database, you need a database management
system. This is a collection of programs that enables you to enter,
organize, and select data in a database.

I am creating a database to hold the information of a Video/DVD shop
e.g. customer id, customer name, customers surname, address etc.

People use database because it's a new and advanced way to keep
information unlike having information on paper. Using database is
quicker to access information where as having information stored on
paper it would take time to access it. It is a suitable place where
information can't be lost, can be easily retrieved, and easy to edit

The database I have created is about a video/DVD renting shop (Video
&DVD EXPRESS), that is renting videos and DVDs to people and I have to
create a database to show how many people have created a account, how
many videos and DVDs they have, and customer details.

There are two user needs, one of the user needs will be that the user
will have to edit information when a new customer joins or a customer
leaves. And the second user need can be that the user will have upload
more information about films and their details e.g. prices, genre,
classification etc.

When this database is finished it will enable me to find customer,
video & DVD, rental information very quickly. Also to see what people
are entitled to what kind of films, and what people have returned and
not returned videos & DVD etc.

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I need to get data, which contain the customer's names, DVD titles,
Video titles and some loans information. I will have to make this
information up, as I don't know where to get these details.

The following are the field tables and the data types that I am going
to use and I will be explaining why I am going to use them:

Video table

Field Names: Data Type:

Video Number Auto number

Video Title Text

Classification Text

Genre Text

Price Currency

DVD Table

Field Name: Data Type:

DVD Number Auto Number

DVD Title Text

Classification Text

Genre Text

Price Currency

I am using all these field names and data types because there are
appropriate to use for this database.

The video is used to represent a video in numbers so that when ever a
person checks for that video/DVD it would be easy to check if its
available or has been rented by another person.

The video title is used for identifying what video is which

The classification is used to see what films are entitled for kind of
ages, all video/DVD shops will need use this, if not this could turn
into a illegal action.

Genre is used to identify what kind of film it is for a example the
film "Dodge ball" comes under comedy.

The price shows the customer how much for renting that certain video
or DVD

Membership Table

Field Name: Data Type:

Membership Number Auto number

First Name Text

Surname Text

House Number Number

Street Name Text

Area Name Text

Town/City Name Text

Postcode Text

Telephone number Text

Mobile Number Text

Email Text

Credit Card Number Text

Date of Birth Date & Time

Membership Number is used because it works like the video number; a
specific number identifies the customers so it can be easy to access
when renting a video/DVD.

First Name, Surname, and their whole address is a needed for a
application, if they have this information it would be difficult to
identify people since most people have same names and it would b also
to send letters or any videos to the customer

The telephone and mobile number are for getting contacts with the
customers immediately.

The email field is used to sending offers to contacts, and using the
email address they can use it to open an account online and rent a
video online.

The credit card number is important system to have in a video shop
where this shows if the customer lives in England. Most customers
would pay with credit card because not all people carry money around,
and if they have forgotten their credit card it's always stored in
their account with the video shop.

Date of birth is another important thing we need to use in a video
shop; this shows that the person who is renting a video is at its age
to order a certain aged video. If the employee is not sure about the
customer's age he/she can check on its account and when renting that
certain video the database would stop the process.

Loans Table

Field Name: Data Type:

Receipt Number Auto number

Membership Number Number

Video Number Number

DVD Number Number

Date Due Back Date & Time

Number Of nights Number

Returned Yes /No

The receipt number is used to count how many loans there is. Whenever
a customer makes a new loan it is added to the list. The list starts
from 1 in ascending order.

Membership is used for the same reason from the other tables shown
from the previous pages. The membership table has been linked to all
other tables.

Video and DVD number is used for the same reasons in the previous

The date due back shows the employee and the customer when that
certain video/DVD is due back. This will show that the person should
bring that video/DVD back if not warnings will be sent off in a
letter/email/telephone. And if still not brought back the employee can
charge the customer.

Number of nights shows the customer how many nights can the customer
have that certain video/DVD. If the customer needs more time watching
the film he/she can pay more to have it for more nights.

Returned, this shows the employee if the customer has/has not brought
the video/DVD back.


[IMAGE]Firstly I clicked on Microsoft Access,


[IMAGE]and then I made a new database under the tile of Video.


If you want to open a database then click on "blank access database"
and then you'll need to save it under a name. E.g.


Then press create

Choose what name u want to save it as.


The above shows when making a new database you will need it save it
somewhere and as something.


Now that the database is loaded your now ready do to your work

For this database project I need four tables, one for the membership
table, the second for loans and the other two will be for video and
DVD films. I will need all these tables because these are the
requirements of a video shop. The membership will be needed for the
customers details, and the loans table will be needed to see what
videos are in rent


Soon I started making a Membership table with all the customers
details e.g. name, surname, address etc.

To type something in the field name click on it then types something
in e.g. Membership. And to change a data type you click on the drop
down menu and choose which data type is appropriate.


The meanings of these data types are the following:

Text - this is a combination of text and number e.g. addresses

Memo - combination with numbers and text or long text e.g. description

Number - this is only using numbers e.g. telephone numbers

Date/time - this is using date and time e.g. date of birth

Currency - this is used for numbers 1-4 e.g. prices

Yes/no - used for yes or no questions e.g. true or false

OLE Object -An object (such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, a
Microsoft Word document, graphics, sounds, or other binary data)
linked to or embedded in a Microsoft Access table

Hyperlink - Text or combinations of text and numbers stored as text
and used as a hyperlink address. A hyperlink address can have up to
three parts: text to display - the text that appears in a field or
control. Address - the path to a file ( UNC path) or page ( URL).
subaddress - a location within the file or page. screentip - the text
displayed as a tooltip.

Lookup Wizad… - Creates a field that allows you to choose a value from
another table or from a list of values by using a list box or combo
box. Clicking this option starts the Lookup Wizard, which creates a
Lookup field. After you complete the wizard, Microsoft Access sets the
data type based on the values selected in the wizard

Once all the field names and data types have been entered, you will
have the foundation of your table, now all you need to do is enter the
information in to the table. To get to the window to enter this
information you will need to click on the design view button,
indicated here:


The data type for the columns


The titles of the columns


After you have done this, it will be needed to be saved under a title:


Save Tile as an appropriate name


Click on design view to see the full table

[IMAGE]after that click on design view this will show the table in
full view

BUT before you view the results in full a window will open askin you
to put up a primary key, click on yes

After clicking yes this is automatically will put a primary key for
you, unless you want to do it manually

It would then come out as below: [IMAGE]

then started filling in the customer details on the membership table

As soon as I finished that I started to make the loans table so that I
can see what videos have returned and what videos haven't returned by
the people who are renting it.

I am using these data types because I will need the customers, name,
address, and telephone number as this will be needed for all video


After I've dun all the customer and loans table I needed films titles
and more other details, so I made two more table, one for a video
table and the other for DVDs

I will be using the data types here because it would be easy for the
employee to find which customer has/has not returned a video/DVD, and
also which customer has a loan. We can identify which customer has
this by their membership number.

The below are the video and DVD tables which will be very helpful for
the employee and the customer when they need to check what films they
have and for what prices.

I used these data types because we need to know what's the film title
is and their number, and their classifications because customers need
to know what films they are allowed to watch at their ages, and plus
the customers need to know the prices that there are renting for.



After uploading all these information you will need to save by
clicking the save button on the [IMAGE] at times the database
automatically saves your work for you.

A primary key, also called a primary keyword, is a key in a relational
database that is unique for each record. It is a unique identifier,
such as a driver license number, telephone number (including area
code), or vehicle identification number (VIN). A relational database
must always have one and only one primary key. Primary keys typically
appear as columns in relational database tables.

You create a primary key by left clicking on the side to a column then
click on primary key. After you have done that you see a little key
next to that column. For example:

Click primary key to make a primary key


Primary Key


for all my tables I have put the first column as ma primary key


Primary Key



Primary Key


Primary Key

Primary Key



Click on the Forms tab

I created forms by clicking on the forms tab

Click here to create a form

[IMAGE]To make forms you will need to click on "create by using

Click on the tables and the field that you will be using.


All the field from here are taken to the selected area.


Click on the tables and the field you will need



Choose here to what style of layout you want

Click on next as you will taken to the next step where it will be
asking you how you want to lay out the form

Click on next and then you will be able to choose you design for your

Designs to choose from



Choose a title

After all that you will need to click next and save your form under a

You go the same method for the other forms that you want to create.


Form Finished

Click finish to see the form finished and ready to use from

To connect the table to make relationship you will need to open the
database and then click on a icon like this [IMAGE] but before you
click on this you will need to click out of all the tables you have
open. If you don't have any relationships between your tables a window
will appear.


Double click or press add on the ones u want to be connected


If the window doesn't come up then click on [IMAGE] ,on the toolbar

Double click or click add for the tables you want to be connected.
After youhave added everything you wanted, a window will come up.


To add a table to other tables you will need to drag the filed to the
other table's field and then a box will appear.


If you agree with the connected fields then click create.


after you have pressed create, there will be a line linked between
those fields that you chosen to connect.

The line shows that there is a link between the fields


In most cases, you drag the primary key field (which is displayed in
bold text) from one table to a similar field (often with the same
name) called the foreign key in the other table.


After you have finished making your relationships. Microsoft would of
asked you to saved your relationship.


The way I've done my relationships are:

* Linked Video Number on the Video table to Video number on the Loans

* Linked DVD No on the DVD table to DVD Number on the Loans Table

*Linked Membership Number on the membership table to Membership number
on the Loans Table


The queries I have created are used to find out information quickly
instead of wasting time looking for something e.g. looking up a query
for customers under 21. To do this click on queries, and then click on

Then Click on New to create a new query


Click on Queries first


After that click on design view.


choose what table you want to search.


after that it would appear like this:


where you want to do your query type in something like ">"#01/01/1983"
on the criteria row and under date of birth or what ever your query is
going to be. And then click [IMAGE] to see your search/query.


To the same with other searches/queries.

I created a macro so that it would be much easier to view out the
database. It would be easier for customers to check to video and DVD
and how much their priced for.

To create a macro you'll have to make a macro menu in forms.

Click on New to create a menu for macro


You will then need to open a new form in design view

Double Click


And then the design view will pop up.


you will need to stretch out the grid to make a macro.


you can choose if you want to have a background colour, to d this
right click on your mouse and then fill/back colour, then choose

Click out of the macro menu, Microsoft access will ask you to save it,
click yes.


Microsoft access will then ask you to save it under a name, choose a
suitable name for this e.g. Menu


When finishing that you will need to crate a macro to view everything
to do this. Click on macro on the Microsoft access. Create a new macro
called the similar name as you saved then macro in forms. Close all
forms, tables and queries before opening the macro.

A window ill pop up, on the first row click down on the drop down menu
and choose open, and do the same to the second row but choose open


Now from the bottom of the window select form name as the same name
you saved the main menu in forms. Now save the macro as Main menu and
then close the macro.

Now open the Membership form in to design view. Move the database
window so that you can see the membership form and then dataset window
as shown below.


Click and drag the Main Menu Macro onto the form as shown below.


Save the form and then close it. Repeat this process by adding the
Main Menu Macro button to the rental info form and the film
information form. Now make a macro for membership information, rental
forms and the DVD and video forms. As the same process as making the
Main Menu Macro.

New Form, choose from drop down menu


Add the macros to the main menu as shown below.


Drag the Macro to the form in design view.


Close all forms, tables and queries. Open the Main Menu form. Now by
clicking on the macro buttons you should be able to move from form to
form. You must be able be form view.

You can also make a macro to run a query.


Queries, from drop down menu


The finished Macro should be like the below.





My finished database stayed with its original planning. So their
weren't any differences from my finished database and my original
plan. I had to choose my fields and table names because at the end
this will show as a presentation such as the Macro and not a messy
work. If I would extend my database I would extend by making more
queries, or maybe having the macro with more options to go to. If
their was any error I would check this by going to all forms, tables
and queries and check is that everything is working as they should be,
or I could go to my macro and check everything is working from there.
I kept my work accurate and safe by reading the instructions that I
have been given and the help from my teacher.
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