The Meaning of Sabbath According to Mark's Gospel

The Meaning of Sabbath According to Mark's Gospel

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The Meaning of Sabbath According to Mark's Gospel

‘Sabbath’ is a Hebrew word meaning rest – The Jewish meaning is
‘Shabbat’. Sabbath is the day of rest in Judaism. It begins at sunset
Friday and last until sunset on Sunday. In the Ten Commandments the
reason given for the Sabbath being a holy day is that after God had
created the world in six days he had rested on the seventh. Jews keep
Sabbath as a holy day set aside for God. It is celebrated at home,
with a special family meal on Friday evening and with synagogue
worship. Unnecessary work is avoided. Sabbath is a day to be honoured
and enjoyed as a gift from God.

‘The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath,’ said Jesus.
Jesus taught that the law of God was for the benefit of the human
race, not set of petty restrictions. He was not breaking the law when
he healed on the Sabbath, ‘The man with the evil spirit’ ‘The man with
the withered hand’. Because it was obviously the right loving thing to
do. The law was to allow people to rest and worship God, not to stop
them nibbling ears of corn.

The Sabbath, to the Jews was a holy day in which they believed no
works should be done. It was a day of rest; from sunset to sunset. The
Jews believed that working was against the law in which had been set
by the Pharisees.

‘It was preparation day, so Joseph went boldly into the presence of
Pilate and asked him for the body of Jesus’ Jesus wanted to bury the
body before sunset because he believed that the Sabbath was not a time
for working. After the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, Mary (mother
of James and Salome) brought spices to anoint the body of Jesus. This
shows that they also thought of the Sabbath as a day of rest so they
didn’t attempt to visit Jesus’ body before the end of the Sabbath.
This tells Christians that they should spend their special family and

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God. They should go to Church to pray, they should work because that’s
what Jesus done, they should also enjoy themselves and help others.

Because working seven days a week means that you do not get to spend
quality time with your family but calling for a doctor is okay because
Jesus preached that we should heal others is what the doctor would be

Explain how Jesus’ teaching on the Sabbath would affect the life of a
Christian today.

There are many different Christian denominations. But they all
interpret Christ’s teachings in a different way. The Salvation Army
believe it is through Good Works where the Evangelical believes it is
through singing, praising and worship. All through a word based
meaning. The Roman Catholics express it through mass where as the
Church of England does it through Holy Communion.

It would be different because a Christian would go to church to pray,
spend time with the family on a day out. An Atheist may not see that
as a priority. They may think that working on a Sunday to earn
money/meeting up with friends is more important.

A Catholic would use Marks Gospel to explain why it is necessary to go
to mass every Sunday because of the parable ‘The Last Supper’ It shows
that spending time with those you care for is very important.

Because they see by doing good works they are helping God complete his
mission, ‘Love thy neighbour’ but by doing rituals nothing is getting

A single parent would need to work seven days a week in order to earn
money to take care for he or she children unlike the highly paid
parent who does not really need the promotion, but only wants it for
self fulfilment.

Emergency services should not feel guilty because they are helping
those in need, just like Jesus did. Jesus did not stop helping others
but carried on because helping others is what Sunday is about.

‘Christians should be free to do as they please on a Sunday –
God wont mind’ I agree with this statement because some people may not
have a family to spend their Sundays with so would rather do as they
please, or there a single parent who needs the money to keep his/her
family afloat financially so will work extra hours. On the other hand
some might say that God would have wanted us to spend time with our
families and going to church. In my opinion Christians should be able
to do as they please because he did not set any rules saying that we
could not do this. He set us free so we could choose our own paths in
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