Veiwpoint on the Presence of Economic Classes in Reference to Christian Beliefs

Veiwpoint on the Presence of Economic Classes in Reference to Christian Beliefs

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Viewpoint on the Presence of Economic Classes in Reference to Cristian Beliefs

The church teaches Christians to believe if you have money you should
use it to help people who aren’t as well as you, and to help rid the
world of poverty. Christians believe people who are rich enough to
share their money for helping people but don’t are wrong, and they
will be judged before they enter heaven by God.

Some Christians would agree with this because God give Moses the Ten
Commandments and they were rules for us to follow and help one
another. The rich man is one example of this because he did not use
the money he had to help the beggar who lived outside his gates, so he
was sent to hell.

Some Christians go and sell everything, and become poor and follow
Jesus as they believe as long as there is poverty they should not be
rich as it is unfair for the people who are poor. Mother Teresa is one
example as she thought God wanted her to give up everything and learn
basic skills in medicine to help and live with the poor.

Many Christians believe that rich countries should split up their
money and give to the poor countries so each country is the same, they
think this would help abolish poverty because everyone would be equal
and could start again. They also believe this would encourage peace
amongst countries as no one will be rich and powerful because they
have used their riches for good.

However I and some Christians would not agree with this because people
think if they are brought up in riches by a wealthy family it is their
money to do what they want with the money because their family has
earned it and passed it down to them. They think that if they were to
give money away it would be like people were asking for it and they
think that people were begging for their money.

Also God told people to use money to feed themselves and to help their

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own families; some Christians believe this to the word and do use it
or this purpose, they also believe that God wanted them to fend for
their own families and they believe people who are poor should try to
fend for themselves and this would reduce friction between rich and
poor people who depend on others.

Christians believe that Children should be brought up by two parents
who can earn money and provide a suitable environment to bring their
children up in the world, so that’s why some Christians believe that
if they have the money they should be able to use it for their

I agree to a certain extent that their should not be rich people as
long as their poor because large conflicts are caused by this and some
people are bullied or many other things just because they do not have
a great amount of money. But if people have the money to use it for
giving themselves and their families good things I do not see why this
should be a problem and why it should cause great conflicts.

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