Henna Night- Original Writing

Henna Night- Original Writing

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Henna Night- Original Writing

The day had finally arrived. The icy cold wind was blowing so
strongly, that everything obstructing was thrown instantly. The tall
trees were swaying from side to side, bundles golden, brown and red
leaves were falling upon the bare ground. The crumpling sound of the
leaves attracted Nadia’s attention. She was amazed by the bright
coloured leaves, planning ideas for her future art project. Nadia, a
sixteen year old had attended a Henna function for the first time.
Nadia and her family walked towards the door of the hall, where the
function was to take place. It had been a completely new experience
for Nadia.

Nadia had caught a glimpse of Yasmin walking towards the hall. As
Yasmin had entered the room, crowds of people obstructed her view, but
Nadia had a clear sight of Yasmin. Yasmin, the bride was walking
slowly into the hall, wearing a yellow lehngha (skirt) with glittering
golden embroidery. The embroidery was towards the top of the lehngha
and at the bottom like a border. Her shimmering top had red and gold
coloured embroidery in the middle. She looked like a model posing. At
a Henna function it is traditional for the bride to wear the colour
yellow or golden. The drole of the drum was getting louder and louder,
with the beat gradually getting faster. There were two lines of girls
waiting for Yasmin to pass by. They were holding little baskets with
party poppers and flowers inside. Included in this line Nadia and her
cousins. People looked left and right, up and down, to see where the
beat of the drum was coming from. The drummer was at the front, slowly
walking and behind was Yasmin.

A yellow shimmering sheet with golden threads at each corner of the
sheet was carried over Yasmin’s head by her two brothers, Wasim and
Aseem. The other two people at the other corners were Yasmin’s friends
Tara and Saira. Slowly, as they approached the middle of the hall,
pink, white and red flowers were thrown over as they all passed, to

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walk upon the stage, which was where Yasmin was to sit. The golden
sheet was covered with flowers and multicoloured strings from the
party poppers. Nadia had noticed that many people had pink petals in
their hair. The younger girls and boys were overjoyed when they had
released their party poppers pouncing in the air. To them this may
have seemed the best part of the function, having fun, as nearly all
young children enjoy party poppers, although they are associated with
birthday parties mainly. The fresh rosy smell of flowers filled the
air, giving a sense of calmness and happiness. People were constantly
taking photographs, which delayed Yasmin sitting down. Nadia was up on
her feet admiring Yasmin, taking details as to what she was wearing.
Her matching golden high heeled shoes had shining black beads and a
back strap going round her ankle, so the shoes could be fastened.
Nadia noticed that she was finding she difficult to climb the two
steps upon the stage as her lehngha was long and the steps were quite
high. Some of Nadia’s older cousins assisted Yasmin, to climb the

Finally Yasmin was seated upon a double chair, comfortably. Everyone
gathered round her. Her family took a seat on the near by chairs
beside Yasmin. She was smiling and was full of joy. The sparkle in her
eyes, told Nadia she was happy and excited about the occasion. Her
eyes were glowing, like the colours of the sunset. All her clothes,
shoes were matching, and looked stunning. Everything had gone
according to plan, expressed Nadia’s friends. As it was an Asian
wedding the occasions are held over a number of days, so everything
had to be perfect. Her friends sorted out her lehngha before she sat
down. Everyone then, took a seat, and one by one went up to speak to
Yasmin. The yellow dazzling sheet with golden threads was removed from
above Yasmin’s head. A number of flowers fell towards the floor of the
hall, emitting a fresh rosy smell.

Yasmin’s family were also seated on the stage near Yasmin. There were
balloons behind the stage, giving a colourful effect of the stage. To
have balloons was Yasmin’s idea as she had seen them at a previous
Henna Night and decided that she would prefer them rather than just
having more banners. Red, yellow and orange balloons were all attached
on the wall designed in a heart shape. At the sides of the stage were
tinsel and banners. At the right hand side corner of the stage, there
was a white cake which looked similar to a wedding cake. Yasmin’s
friends had specially ordered the cake a month in advance, and the
cake was looked delicious. Nadia began to feel like a child again,
wanting to eat the cake now, rather than later. The cake had blue and
red icing which wished Yasmin a happy Henna night.

Meanwhile, a few balloons were out of place, so Yasmin’s friends were
altering some parts of the stage. Yasmin’s parents had organised three
people who were professional photographers and cameramen to record the
function. Once everything was set, the function was recorded. Indian
music was played on full power, as though people wanted to hear the
music in the surrounding streets. The music had a fast rhythm, and in
Nadia’s opinion the music was good to dance to. Yet again, everything
was the choice of Yasmin, as it was a day for her to remember. At a
Henna night function, there are many traditions which are followed.
Later, Yasmin’s family had taken their seats at the table opposite the
stage. Nillah, who is was one of Yasmin’s first cousins, was sitting
next to Yasmin with a silver plate. People began to walk in Yasmin's

The tradition of the function involved a person sat next to the bride
to wave an amount of money around her head several times and then
insert the money into a pot. This is called Salami. Many people were
waiting in a long line to sit next to Yasmin to follow the tradition.
However, this tradition also is thought to bless the bride, and to
give prayers of a happy marriage to the couple. This was an old
tradition which had always been followed for many generations. The
shining silver plate was held by Nillah and Nadia. The plate had
colourful fruit pieces and Asian sweets on little sticks. Each person,
who came up to Yasmin, took their choice of sweet from the silver
plate and gave it to Yasmin to eat it. The Asian sweets were very
brightly coloured. The apple green, the glowing orange and bright pink
sweets were also traditional, although the taste did not appeal to
Nadia. She preferred ordinary chocolate. The dazzling colours of the
Asian sweets were very appealing to the younger children. Usually only
Asian sweets are normally given, but as Yasmin was not that fond of
Asian sweets, she chose to have a variety of fruit as well, so a
compromise was made.

After that tradition another tradition followed, whereby people drew
patterns on Yasmin’s hands using Henna. The Henna was in a special
tube, which enabled it to be applied easily. The Henna would stay on,
for a few hours, leaving a pattern in a reddish brownish colour, once
washed off. After that, special glittering Henna could be applied from
another tube to go over the original pattern, to give a shimmering
effect. The glitter used in Yasmin’s Henna was golden to match with
her jewellery. She was wearing a round spiralling necklace, made from
twenty four karat gold, dangling below her neck, with white gold in
between. Nadia thought Yasmin’s selection was very good, she had only
seen this particular type of spiralling jewellery for the first time.
Her jewellery was part of a set which included ear rings made from
silver, diamond rings, the golden necklace, silver bangles and a gold
forehead Tikkah. A Tikkah, is a piece of jewellery which is placed
dangling down from the forehead, and is fastened with a pin into the
hair of the bride, so the Tikka would be secure It is traditional fro
the bride to have a Tikkah on her forehead.

Nillah and Nadia were providing people with the Henna tubes to use and
also held a silver dish, with Asian sweets and fruits. The fruits and
Asian sweets were given to the bride by the guests who were attending
the Henna night. Mainly Yasmin chose to eat fruits as the Asian sweets
were too sweet for her taste. Many people had given gifts, and
household items such as, crockery. Nadia’s family had gifted her a new
jewellery set. However, Yasmin’s parents had bought her a new car, but
that was a surprise.

Towards the end of the function, there were dances in time with the
Indian music playing. There were many dances performed by my cousins
and Yasmin’s friends. Nadia did not dance, as she was not enthusiastic
and did not consider herself as good as the others. The function was
very lively and nearly everyone was there. Nadia in particular had
enjoyed the function greatly and looked forward to the wedding. Once
the function had ended, the photographers took final photos inside and
outside in the hall gardens and when Yasmin left with her friends,
everyone began to move, preparing to go home as the function had come
to an end. Yasmin had left first as it is traditional for the bride to
do so. It was the end of a long lively day, which Nadia will always
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