Death Cannot Be Escaped- Original Writing

Death Cannot Be Escaped- Original Writing

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Death Cannot Be Escaped- Original Writing

There was once a man called Jack and he loved life so much he never
wanted to die. He and his friends all lived in a little valley away
from everybody.

One day Jack decided to go see the lady of the cave to ask if there
was any way in which he could live forever. When he got there the
woman said, “I know why you have come.” Jack thought this woman was
kind of scary but Jack didn’t mind at all and she said, “But there is
nothing I can do for you. If you go and see the man of the forest he
is much older than me and he may be able to help.”

The next day Jack got up and started his walk to the man of the
forest, but when he got there Jack had to sit down because his legs
ached so much as it had taken him half the day to get there. When he
arrived the man of the forest looked very old and he said ‘How are

Jack asked, ‘Are you the man of the forest?’

He said, ‘Yes I am and what can I do for you?’

‘I want to know if you are going to live for ever.’

‘Yes I will live until all the trees in this forest die or fall down’
but that wasn’t good enough for Jack he wanted to live forever.

Jack went back home and went to bed. When he woke up next day he
thought he would go and see the man of the river. He is very old and
wise he will know!’ So he set on his way. It took him the whole day to
walk there. He found the man lying drinking from the river and Jack
introduced himself and asked the old man if he was going to live
forever. The old man said, ‘I will live until I drink this whole river
dry.’ But that wasn’t good enough for Jack. So he went back home to

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the mountain.” He set off. This was the longest journey of all, it
took him two whole days to get there but he eventually made it and
then he climbed the mountain, up to the man’s castle. He knocked on
the door and the very old man answered and said, “Hi Jack I know why
you are here and yes I will live until this mountain stands no more.”

Jack said, “Yes can I live with you.”

So Jack moved in with the man and they lived for a very long time
peacefully together.

200 years passed and they were both still lived happily together.

Yet one day Jack decided he wanted to go back to see his old village
and see how it had changed. The old man said, “It will not be the same
none of your friends will be there. Still if it pleases you that much
you can take my horse. It will get you there and back in one day, but
you must not get off this horse. If you do you will die.”

So Jack set off but when he arrived it had all changed. There were
tall buildings and things on four wheels that Jack didn’t like at all,
so Jack went home and was very sad about his old village. On his way
back he saw an old man sitting by the side of the road next to an over
turned carriage and in the carriage were lots of worn out shoes. The
old man asked Jack to help him. “Please I can’t lift my carriage back
up can you help me?” But Jack said, “I am not allowed to get off my
horse for any thing.” But Jack felt sorry for the man and got off to
help him. When the carriage was back on the road Jack asked, “What are
all the worn out shoes were for?”

The old man replied “My name is Death and these are the shoes I have
worn out running after you…”
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