The View on Being A True Disciple of Jesus in the Modern World

The View on Being A True Disciple of Jesus in the Modern World

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The View on Being A True Disciple of Jesus in the Modern World

It is possible to be a true disciple of Jesus in the modern world
today. It is certainly very difficult but by no means is it
impossible. Jesus told us that undertaking the gospel was a costly
thing. Jesus did not start out by offering his followers a bed of
roses. He made it absolutely clear from the beginning what was
involved. To be a disciple of Jesus they need to deny themselves, and
take up their cross and follow him. Jesus was telling them to give
their whole lives and everything they had to God for him to use as he
wants. Their cross is not a burden imposed on them, but something
that they willingly undertook for the sake of the Gospel. The walk of
Christianity is by faith and not by sight. In Marks Gospel many people
had faith that Jesus could help them for example Blind Bartimaeus and
The Syropheonician Women.

In Todays world people are still being persecuted because of their
faith. In China because of this nature of persecution Christians have
formed underground churched to fellowship together. The Chinese house
churches meet secretly. They close the windows and pull the curtains
when they meet so that people won't hear or see what they are doing.
They also have Bible College to train leaders. There is no classroom,
or enrolments - the bible college are very secret and only selected
people attend. They meet in the evenings in people’s homes and study
through different topics, learning biblical exegesis, and looking at
doctrine and important themes. From this new leaders are equipped to
teach others in their own house churches. Yet despite the consequences
of being caught and severally punished they are still willing to die
for their beliefs.

Jesus did not fail to mention that there would be persecution but
being a Christian was not accepting a life of woe and constant
suffering and persecution but quite the opposite as can be seen in the

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words of Jesus in (Mk 10:28-31) Peter asked Jesus how they would be
rewarded for following him and Jesus said ‘I tell you the truth no
one has left home or brothers or sisters or mothers or father or
children or fields for me and the Gospel will fail to receive a
hundred times as much in this present ages and in the age to come,
eternal life’,

There are many ways of spreading the Gospel to the World today. TBN
(Trinity Broadcasting Network) is just one of the ways that the Gospel
is spread. This Christian Network has over 6500 communnication
stations fared by 47 Satellites and that covers over 12000 T.V Nations
which covers every continent in the world and even reaching the heart
of Iran and Iraq.

I am aware why people see that it is hard to be a true disciple in out
world today.But the commision given was never an easy one. In the
bible it does warn us about religion not being highly thought of in
our society. ‘But know this, that in the last days perilous times will
come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters,
proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal,
despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure
rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its
power. And from such people turn away!" Jesus made a provision for all
of this to all those who believed and followed him. This provision was
his word and his Helper the Holy Spirit.
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