The Hold-Up-Original Writing

The Hold-Up-Original Writing

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The Hold-Up-Original Writing

It was Tuesday 17th February 2004 it was just like another normal
night in work, there was me, Danielle, Tanya and the cook blessing
working that night. This was my part-time job in KFC at Yorkgate I had
worked there for around two years at this stage. The night passed buy
jus like any other night in work it was quite busy during tea time and
then gradually began to die down towards the end of the night.

When we closed at 11pm that night Danielle took down the tills and put
the money in the safe the security guard then ask if he could go on as
the money was locked away. We said that it would be ok and let him go,
once we had finished all the cleaning, the only thing there was left
to do was take the rubbish out. Danielle and Tanya and I went to take
the rubbish out through the back door when Danielle went to open the
door someone from the other side pulled it open and shouted boo. Then
three masked men jumped in through the door. The men where all wearing
the same clothes Black boots, green combat trousers, black top, green
combat jacket, black gloves, a black balaclava and were each carrying
a silver handgun.

The men began to shout at us to get on the floor and we did so, they
then told us to crawl round to the front counter. They then instructed
us to lay flat on the ground, we all tried to remain calm and do as
they said. I looked up behind me and seen on of the men peering over
me, I could only see his eyes through the holes in the balaclava he
was staring at me and then he pointed the gun directly towards my
face. This was very scary and don’t think that I will ever be able to
get the image of his eyes staring at me out of my mind

The robbers made Danielle get up of the ground and open the tills;

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Danielle was panicking and couldn’t get the till to open. This then
made me and Tanya panic too we began to say “Danielle just open the
till and give them the money” and “please just give them the money”
the robbers then pointed the gun at me and Tanya and told us to keep

The men didn’t use any names when they spoke to each other they called
themselves; “number one”, “number two” and “number three”. When
Danielle still couldn’t get the till open the robbers then ask were
the keys for the safe where. These are not normally left in the shop
at night time but the manager had left them there by accident. Tanya
told the men that the keys where in the front door, one of the men
jumped over the front counter and went to retrieve the keys.

The robber seen a car outside and began to shout to us asking who it
was, he creped back in behind the counter where they all crouched down
behind the counter till the car left. The robber known as number one
then put the gun to the back of Danielle’s head and dragged her into
the office and made her open up the safe.

The man standing over me called number three seemed to be getting very
agitated he kept shouting to number one to “hurry up”. When the man in
the office got all the money out of the safe they told us to remain
laying on the ground and don’t get up till they had left and not to
try and follow them. Then they ran out the back door, as soon as they
had left I got up and dialled 999 for the police..

It took the police about twenty minutes or more to arrive at KFC, my
mum was there before them and she had drove up from Carrickfergus.
This was a very traumatic experience that I will always remember. I
suffered a lot from what happened to me and I feel that I will never
fully recover from this experience or forget it throughout the rest of
my life.
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