The Beliefs of Justice and Forgiveness in Christianity

The Beliefs of Justice and Forgiveness in Christianity

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The Beliefs of Justice and Forgiveness in Christianity

For Christians, Jesus was sent from God to bring justice to the earth
and in the Kingdom of God, when it fully arrives, justice will reign.
Christians believe that justice is more than just doing what is right.
“Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6: V8)
is an example of what is said in the Bible.

As well as this, justice concerns the element of judgement. It is
believed that God judges Christians on everything they do and one day
there will be a day of judgement when God will judge everyone fairly
based on their life. An example of this is in the Old Testament, when
Adam and Eve went against God’s wishes by eating the fruit. God judged
them both and sent them out of the perfect garden. Christians believe
that God is a God of justice and demands us to live in justice. Jesus
spoke of the day of judgement, when the Son of Man would sit on his
throne and everyone would be judged to be either a sheep or a goat. By
working for justice in their lives, Christians can get closer to God
rather than turning away from him through sin and this is a reason why
justice is so important to Christians.

Forgiveness is completely vital in Christianity and it is a basis of
the faith itself, as the world was forgiven for its sins, through the
death of Jesus. Forgiveness is essential in order for there to be
peace and Jesus taught his followers about the idea of forgiveness
through stories and parables. Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness (Matthew
5:38-48) mentions the Lex Talionis, law of limitation and Jesus’ new
guidance; when any form of retaliation is rejected. Instead, Jesus
tells Christians to “turn the other cheek” and “pray for your

Christians believe that everybody in some way is a sinner but God is
always willing to forgive you as long as you repent because he is so
loving and this is shown in the Bible, the story of the woman in

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adultery. Although being a sinner under Jewish law, Jesus was willing
to offer her forgiveness for her sin. This is the same with God, he
can always offer you forgiveness, no matter what and it is never too
late to repent in order for God to save you. This is shown in story,
the penitent thief, when Jesus, rather than being angry at what is
happening, his own crucifixion, asks God to forgive the people around
him; even as he dies and is in great pain. God, like Jesus recognises
sin but always offers you a second chance to reform and Jesus said to
the criminal who repented “I tell you the truth, today you will be
with me in paradise”. about forgiveness. The idea that if God himself
can always forgive, then how can people on earth not forgive each
other comes across. “This is how your heavenly Father will treat you
unless you forgive your brother from your heart” shows that for

Justice and forgiveness are necessary for Christians to lead a whole
life. Wholeness, featured in the Bible is when peace physically and
spiritually is present in every aspect of our lives. Justice is
essential for peace to be present and forgiveness is fundamental in
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