The Use of the Bible in Private and Congregational Worship

The Use of the Bible in Private and Congregational Worship

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The Use of the Bible in Private and Congregational Worship

The Bible is a key element in all services in the Christian faith and
used for various reasons in the church. The Bible is viewed by
Christians as the book of God, and God’s word to be followed by
faithful Christians to live their life with help and guidance to be as
God would want. Christians keep God in their hearts with regular
praying and private worship.

In congregational worship, which is a group of people worshipping God
together, helping each other to understand the way they ought to live
their lives. For example, one key time when this is used is the Roman
Catholics service, “Mass” in which many prayers are read from the
Bible e.g. The Liturgy of the Eucharist is entirely taken from the

Services like this are held in churches daily, each service have
lessons read out from the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament”
These split the Bible into two half’s, the Old Testament being before
Christ and the New Testament being when Christ was born and after him.
The priest or vicar stands at a lectern in which the Bible rests on,
will read out these lessons depending on the subject of the service.
The Church sometimes uses readings suitable for the time of year.
These set readings are called a lectionary. The lectionary gives a
suitable selection of readings for Sundays, Holy Days or Holidays

The Bible is used as a “library” of prayers. Psalms are used as a type
of songs of praise. Prayers are in the Bible, including the most
important one, The Lords Prayer. Hymns are usually based on psalms but
the Bible contains none.

Other than congregational worship, Christians also use the bible in
private worship. This can be from meditation to small Bible study
groups. Christians may open the Bible to a random lesson, chapter or
verse and read. The verse, chapter or lesson might be a specific one
depending on the time of the day and the date of the year.

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groups meet together in usually about 4 or 5’s. They look at the Bible
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either in the Bible or write it on a piece of paper with the Bible.
This way, other Christians can view the Bible, with the comments and
understand the book better. By understanding the Bible better,
Christians hope to have guidance with God by reading the Holy Book.
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