Analysis of a Desktop Publishing Package

Analysis of a Desktop Publishing Package

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Analysis of a Desktop Publishing Package

I could use a Desktop Publishing package, Microsoft Publisher, because
this would enable me to use various different templates, be able to
use clip-art, and other features which make it easier to produce good
designs that would all add up to a professional outcome.

I could also use Microsoft Word, but I feel that this software is
mainly used for letters and documents that contain some images and
text, because of the special features it has to offer. Microsoft Word
does not allow you to get your desired results as quickly and as
easily as in a Desktop Publishing package. Yes, Word’s performance is
great as a word processor, but there is no point spending hours trying
to do things in Word that can be done in minutes with Publisher.

I feel that the best software to use is Microsoft Publisher. Not only
does is it quick and easy to use but it gives you professional results
every time.

To ensure that my work is how it should be, I could collect data in
two ways.

Firstly, I would take my designs to my end user, Alexander Loo, and
see what he thought of them. If he has any suggestions or comments of
his own then I would simply edit my designs to fit his requirements.
Secondly, I could design a questionnaire to see what others thought of
my designs. If necessary I could add other features to my design at a
later stage.


For this project, the hardware I will use is stated below.

* Pentium 3 PC

* Speed 500 mhz

* 64mb RAM

* Disk drive

* Network

* Monitor

* Keyboard

* Mouse

* Colour printer

Data Collection

I organized to meet with my end user, Alexander Loo.

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During this
meeting, Mr. Loo told me his expectations for the business card and
flyer. He expected to see that all of the documents contain the logo
and company name in Big, Bold letters. He wanted designs that were
unique but requested that it retain its decency. He said that as much
as possible, I should try and make the business card less fancy as
fancy-looking doesn’t look professional. Finally, he mentioned that
all the contact details should be entered into the business cards as
well as the flyers. He will provide me with all the information that
the flyer should contain.


I will use the software to change the font size in the flyer. I will
also use text boxes in the flyer. I will also incorporate a coloured
background into the flyer and I will use the information from my end
user to add certain points such as contacts and other texts. My end
user has provided me with a copy of the company logo which I will
insert on both flyers and business cards. For the background, I will
insert a suitable clip-art and send it to the back. I will use the
same template and color scheme for both flyer and business card so
that they will be synchronized with each other.

Format of Information and Graphics

For the Flyer, I will use a full page publication type. Then, I will
choose the most suitable publication design from the ones in the
gallery. Next, I will chose the appropriate colour scheme, “moss”,
which shows light olive shades of green as I believe it looks advanced
and prevailing for an electronics shop. My logo will be at the center
of the page to give emphasis; my company name will be at the top in
big bold letters. I will use the font Franklin Gothic in size 18
because it looks decently novel. My background will be a clip-art
which I will download from the internet. I will resize it to fit the
whole page, and then click on the command “send to back”. This will
make it appear as a remarkably striking background.

For my Business Card, I will use the same template, colour scheme, and
fonts that I used for the flyer so that they tie in with each other. I
will do the same thing as I did for the background of the flyer as
well. I will have the logo in the top, right-hand corner of the card.




The outputs for my project will be the business cards and the flyers.
I might also include some of the relevant designs that I used in
making the project, such as the logo and the background. All of my
print outs will be on an A4 size paper, in portrait orientation. The
business card will be measured in a width of 8.5 cm, and a height of
5.5cm. The flyer would be a full page in a portrait layout. These
final designs will be in colour to give the over-all effect.

Backup and Security

To ensure that all my work is safe from fire, flood, theft, hacks or
infiltration, I will save my files into a floppy disk and keep it safe
where no one but me could get to it. I will also need to save it into
a memory stick, just in case the floppy gets misplaced or damaged.
Although I have done this, I will also save my work in a large memory
bank on all the school computers. This is necessary, because all of
the information I collected is true and it came from my end user
himself, Mr. Alexander Loo. My data will be backed up and saved
whenever a change is made and new data are added.


My project does not need a great level of security; however, it is
required of me to keep the data safe. Stated below are a few things I
should do to keep the data safe.

* I should log off instead of leaving my program running while it is

* I must always have a log-on password so that no-one else can
access my data without my permission

* I will never leave a file opened when my computer is unattended

* I will keep my password secret

* I will never risk leaving documents lying around where it should
not be

* I must have an anti-virus protection on my computer

* I must save my data on a floppy disk and hide it where it is safe
from theft, or any problems of the same sort.
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