Analysis of the Gurnard Pines Survey

Analysis of the Gurnard Pines Survey

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Analysis of the Gurnard Pines Survey

This is an A4 sheet, with multiple answer questions; there is a
selection of three answers for each question, from a smiley face, to a
half smiling face, and a sad face. They ask for your name, address,
holiday dates, and accommodation number. They ask this so they know
exactly whom it has come from, and if they need to get hold of them,
because of something they have said in this sheet then they know who
to get hold of.

They next ask you about your accommodation, they ask about
cleanliness, amenities provided, comfort and furnishings/décor. I
think this is good, because they cover the main things, however I
think maybe they should ask about location of the chalet/log cabin and
the surrounding area, as they ask about the inside, but people also
think about the views outside and don’t like to be looking out onto an
overgrown bush.

Next comes reception, they ask; first impressions or reception,
welcome from staff, knowledge/helpfulness of staff and also quality of
brochures/information available. I think there is nothing that can
improve here, as I think it covers everything that needs to be done at
the reception.

Onto the catering part, starting with “Le Voilier shop” it asks about
menu choice, value for money, promptness of service, staff
friendliness, and comfort of surroundings. I think here they have
missed off one vital point, Quality of the food.

Chartroom restaurant: here they have listed quality of food, (so I
don’t see why they have missed it out in the coffee shop) value for
money, menu choice, promptness of service, staff friendliness, and
comfort of surroundings. As they have added in quality of food, I
don’t see how they can improve this.

Entertainments Cruisers Bar. Including variety of drinks, service
received, and atmosphere. As it is an entertainments bar, I think that
maybe they could ask about how the entertainment was as they do not
touch on it.

“Liners Niteclub” nightclub.

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Asking quality of in-house entertainment,
resident’s entertainment team, quality of visiting cabaret, and
overall enjoyment. I think they have covered here everything that
needs to be covered for a nightclub.

It is here that they move onto Syrils Club, with how much did your
child enjoy Syrils Club? What did they enjoy most? (With a space to
fill in answer, not multiple choice with the faces as before) witch
films did they watch in the cinema? With another space for writing and
the last question for this section, did they use the toddlers’ area?
Again with a dotted line, for you to answer the previous question. I
think they cover this section quite well, although where they mention
some particular things, for example the cinema, it makes me wonder why
they don’t mention other things so specifically like the swimming

Leisure facilities: this section goes back to using the faces and
multiple choice questions, including, rage of facilities, prices of
facilities, cleanliness of leisure area, knowledge/helpfulness of
staff and then with another dotted line, any additional comments. I
think again, here everything has been covered.

The park in general: how would you rate the cleanliness of the park?
How well is the park signposted? Cleanliness of the man complex? Did
you buy anything from the wall cabinets? Was their any information you
needed that was not available? Did the supermarket stock all you
needed? Did you use the hair/beauty salon? Was there a particular team
member that made your stay extra special? I do not think there is
much more that they could add, to get any extra information that they
would need to improve the park, or keep things the same. They finally
ask you, would you like to receive a 2006 brochure? I think this ais a
good question, because that way you have another potential customer
for the following year.

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