Exploring Asyia's Physical, Social and Emotional Development

Exploring Asyia's Physical, Social and Emotional Development

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Exploring Asyia's Physical, Social and Emotional Development


I expect that Aysia will enjoy her time at the park and will be
confident at all sorts of gross motor skills as in the park she would
be able to use (running, balance and co-ordination) as said in the
GCSE child development CGP the revision guide age 4. I expect Aysia to
use a lot of her time running around as she is very energetic child.


I went to Aysia’s house to pick her up to go to the park. On the way
to the park she held my hand the whole way there. She was talking
about what she had done at school the day before and how she was a
good child and was telling me how many friends she had. When we
arrived at the traffic lights I noticed that she pressed the stop
button so that we could cross over and said how her mother said that
it was very important to keep safe and wait for the green man until
she was able to cross.

As soon as we went threw the gates she let go of my hand and ran to
the steps of the slide and went on the slide. She enjoyed this very
much as she was screaming with joy when she came down the slide. She
wanted to go on the swing so she asked me polity to help her on; she
didn’t really know how to swing herself, so she asked if I could teach
her. I told her showed her and told her and she followed my
instructions correctly by the end of my visit she had learned to swing
by her self. She was extremely happy that she had learned something
and said how she wanted to tell everyone that I taught her how to
swing. By this time it was time to leave as I told her that she
didn’t want to leave I thought she was going to cry but she just said
ok then and made me promise to take her again.

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I was very surprised that she wasn’t tired because she was good I took
her to the shop and bought her a sweet and she was very grateful. Then
I dropped her home and she didn’t want me to leave.

Emotional Development:

Aysia enjoyed her trip to the park she was not upset at all in this
visit apart from when we left but remembered that she could come back
at any time so she was still happy. She followed instructions as she
knew I was older and looking after her. She was very polite as usual.
She smiled and laughed a lot in today’s visit. When she had learned to
swing by herself this increased her confidence.

Social Development:

In today’s visit I noticed that Aysia got very close with me and her
social skills are growing she is learning to open up more and talk
about her feelings. As there was no other children there she wasn’t
able to play with other children but she did mention that it would be
nice if I could play with her but I’m too big.

GCSE child development CGP the revision guide age 4 says: child can
wait for adult attention; Aysia is able to do this as she followed my
instructions, as I was on the phone she waited until I had finished my
conversation to talk to me which I found very polite.

I was surprised that she also felt safe going so high and wasn’t
scared. She’s a very brave child of her age.

Physical Development:

Aysia could run very fast she is not a lazy child at all. As she went
up the stairs to the slide I noticed she could walk up the stairs with
one foot on each step as an adult would walk. It says in the GCSE
child development CGP the revision guide age 4 that she should be able
to walk like this. Going to the park helped her develop her gross
motor skills as well as her fine motor skills. This visit also helped
her with co-ordination when she had bin on the swings and she learned
how to move her body in a way that she was swinging.

Intellectual Development:

Aysia used her cognitive skills to recognise the concepts of speed and
spatial awareness.

The concept of right and wrong have been explained to her as she knew
when, and when not to cross the road she knew it was wrong to cross
over when the red man was shown.


I believe this visit was a fun and interesting visit, it went very
well. I had my worries that Aysia wouldn’t co-operate with me and
would run around on the roads as I’d never taken a child out by myself
before, but she was very good and held my hand which I was very
pleased about.
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