Miracles in the Bible

Miracles in the Bible

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Miracles in the Bible

A miracle is known to be a wonderful and surprising event, believed
to have been caused by God. In my opinion a miracle is something
that happens that seems beyond belief. A miracle can be personal,
meaning that you might think something is a miracle that no one else
does e.g. my father got the job. It’s a miracle. Christians believe
that a miracle is an extraordinary , super natural event , believed
to been created by God. In Luke gospel there are several scriptures
describing how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles. Luke the
gospel writer was a doctor , this meant he had scientific knowledge
and he was interested in people. He lived after Jesus ,he learned
about Jesus from Paul. He must have been interested in Jesus attitude
towards sick people. He writes more about the miracles than anyone
else. He presents Jesus as a healer, a compassionate, and a caring
person especially to outcasts. Luke is trying to say only someone
special, sent by God, the messiah could do these things. He also
showed what kind of God the messiah is. Luke tells of four kinds of

1. Jesus calms the storm

2. The man with demons

3. The widows son at Nain

4. The centurions servant

Jesus calms the storm(Luke 8:22-25)

Ÿ Jesus got into a boat with his disciples, Jesus fell asleep

Ÿ A strong wind blew down the lake so they were in danger

Ÿ The disciples woke Jesus up to calm the storm, Jesus ordered the
storm and water to go down and asked the disciples “where is your

Ÿ The disciples were amazed.

Jesus attitude in this scripture was helping and courageous. This kind
of miracle is showing power over nature. Only God has power over
nature so Luke wants to show that Jesus The Messiah is God because he
has this power. Also, although the disciples are very afraid they

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still realise it is Jesus who can help and they have faith.

The man with demons(Luke 8:27-35)

Ÿ Jesus met a man with demons inside of him, the man said, “do not
punish me”

Ÿ The demons begged Jesus not to send them into the abyss, but to send
them inside the pigs

Ÿ Jesus did what they had asked, the farmer saw what had happened and
spread the news.

The man is an outcast rejected by everyone. Jesus attitude to him was
healing because he accepted him. Finally only god has power over evil
so Luke is saying here is someone who has the power of God, is God

The widows son at Nain(Luke 7:11-15)

Ÿ Jesus and his disciples arrived at a gate where a funeral was taking
place, the dead man was a son of a widow.

Ÿ Jesus told the women to stop crying

Ÿ Then he touched the coffin and told the man to get up.

Ÿ The dead man got up and began to talk to his mother.

Jesus attitude in this scripture is helping and courageous. This kind
of miracle is showing power over the dead. Jesus raised a dead man.
Only God has power over the dead so Luke wants to show that Jesus the
Messiah is God because he helped the widows son.

The centurions servant(Luke 7:1-10)

Ÿ Jesus was in Capernaum, when a Roman officer had a servant who was
very sick.

Ÿ The Roman officer sent some Jewish elders to ask him to come and
heal his servant

Ÿ Jesus was surprised with the Roman officers faith and healed the

Jesus doesn’t judge the man for being a soldier and an oppressor.
Instead he praises his faith. He also heals from a distance. In
conclusion by reading all these scriptures Luke has described,.it
shows how Jesus was a worker of miracles.

Christians today understand the miracles that Jesus performed by the
care and love shown by Jesus to those who were suffering. Jesus showed
care and love for the widows son at Nain. This teaches us about caring
for others. Jesus helped people who had faith. The Roman officer in
the Centurions servant had faith. This teaches us to have faith. E.g.
when we lose someone, have faith that they are going to a better
place. Christians attitude to outcasts are sometimes bad and good.
E.g. Paedophiles people are bad because we stay away from them. HIV
people are good because we want to care for them and help them. If we
are followers of Jesus we shouldn’t care how sick they are and just
have enough love to share. Many Christians have carers where they help
people. E.g. doctors, nurses or counsellors. People do this because
their love for others means they would like to live out their
Christian commitment. The sacrament of the sick is a healing
sacrament. The priest visit’s the sick person and anoints them with
oil and reads prayers to strengthen and comfort them. They do this so
that sick person can feel part of the loving community of the church.

People who are sick or troubled might make pilgrimages to Lourdes.
Their faith and the faith of the thousands who go to Lourdes is
strengthened by being together in that place where Mary appeared to
Bernadette. Lourdes is a famous place of pilgrimage in Southern
Frances. Lourdes is known as a place of such divine

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