Cameron Balloons Avaliable Transport Methods for Merchandise

Cameron Balloons Avaliable Transport Methods for Merchandise

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Cameron Balloons Avaliable Transport Methods for Merchandise


Cameron balloons does not need to be close to its customers because
the balloons can be easily transported by methods of transport such as
rail, plane and sea. This means that the whole world is an available
market. Cameron balloons customers are the U.K and U.S because Cameron
balloons customer base in is both the U.K and U.S. Cameron balloons
offer e-mail addresses and phone numbers of their sales teams to its
customers so they can contact the business whenever they need to.

Raw materials

Cameron balloons does not need to be buy its raw materials because it
is located near major roads such as the A38, M5, M32 and the M4 which
lead to and away from Bristol. It is situated by an international
airport which connects Europe and the U.S. It is also on the channel,
so deliveries can easily be done by sea. The closest station is under
10miles away so deliveries by rail are also easy.

Skilled Labour

There is skilled labour available in the area because Cameron balloons
employs more than 120 people. You can tell this because there are to
universities near Bristol University and the University of West
England. Employees could easily be trained, as Bristol is a
traditional manufacturing area and has two universities training
should be very easy to come by.

The cost of Labour

The company employs more than 120 people. The wage rats in the are
lower compared to other wage rates in the West of England. Though it
depends on the job because managers and administrators in the area
earn an average of £640 compared to the West of England’s average rate
of £693. But personal service workers in the area earn an average on
£281 a month compared to West England’s average of £270.

History and Tradition

The area is traditionally a manufacturing area. This would match the
type of industry Cameron balloons is because Cameron balloons
manufactures balloons aswell as selling them.

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Transport Links

The business is near to motorways, rail, airports and the sea. This
greatly helps importing and exporting materials and products and also
helps deliveries to and from Bristol.

Birmingham Airport


Birmingham Airport doesn’t have to be near its customers because there
are easy routes to get there, such as roads and rail. Though it would
be better if it was close to its customers so they can get there on
time and don’t have to travel for hours, and actually chose Birmingham
airport because its closer. People who use Birmingham airport are the
airlines and the customers and businesses that use the airlines and
the shops that rent out space in the airport. Though the airport isn’t
physically near its customers it is easily accessible.

Skilled Labour

There is skilled labour available in the area lots of people live in
Birmingham and around the area. Employees can easily be trained to do
the jobs because there are specialised training facilities on site.
Birmingham airport does need to employ skilled labour like
administration staff to deal with their accounts etc.

The Cost of Labour

Birmingham airport employs over 6500 people with an added 1000
employees in off-site positions that link with the airport. The wage
rates in the area are £470 for Birmingham and £544 for Solihull. This
means that the wage rates are low, because there are more people to

History and Tradition

The area was traditionally a manufacturing area before the airport was
built. The airport would not have supported this if it stayed a
manufacturing area because it is not a manufacturing business. Though
the airport could have been a method of transporting different
materials to and from places the other side of the world. Which would
be a quick and easy way.

Transport links

The airport is near to motorways, main routes and railways. The
airport has a convenient rail station and is on the main route from
Coventry to Birmingham (A45) and is on the M42, which links to M6, M40
and M5. Birmingham airport does need to be easily accessible by both
its customers and staff so they continue working there and using the

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