The Significance of the Features and Furnishings of a Christian Place of Worship

The Significance of the Features and Furnishings of a Christian Place of Worship

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The Significance of the Features and Furnishings of a Christian Place of Worship

Different Christian churches have different features and furnishings
inside of them. These differences in the churches show that churches
place different emphasis on what they believe in. The features and
furnishings in a church help people to worship.

There are objects in catholic churches which would not be found in non
catholic churches and there are objects found in non catholic churches
which have objects which catholic churches don’t have.

In a Catholic church most of the features and furnishings are meant to
aid people’s worship of God and Jesus. A church is meant to create an
atmosphere of awe and a sense of respect towards God and what he

When entering a church the main focus is usually on the alter. An
alter is found in Roman Catholic Church, they are linked to sacrifice.
It is used to re-enact the sacrifice of Jesus during the mass. Unlike
other religions Catholics believe Jesus’s death is the most important
point. This is important to strengthen a person’s belief that God sent
his only son to die for us which is one of the central beliefs of the
Roman Catholic religion.

This contrasts with the communion table which focus’s instead on the
last supper, non Catholics believe that Jesus’s life and resurrection
is more important than Jesus’s death. It reminds people of the last
supper and gives the community an opportunity to share together when
taking the Holy Eucharist, this is when people take the bread and wine
which is the body and blood of Christ.

The host, the blessed bread, is kept in a Tabernacle. A tabernacle is
used in Roman Catholic churches to hold the host as hosts are not
thrown away because it is the body of Christ. This shows the real
presence. It is also a focus for people praying, it aides their

In a Roman Catholic Church a sanctuary light is lit when hosts are
present in the Tabernacle.

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It shows the Catholic belief in the real
presence. It gives out information, catches people’s attention and
also creates an atmosphere for people to worship in and gives a person
an object to focus on when praying.

Candles, incense and stained glass windows are also very important
because they create an atmosphere, a sense of wonder and respect in a
place of worship. This is important for worship as it helps a person
to focus their prayers on God and Jesus.

Jesus’s death is shown on the Stations of the Cross and on crucifixes
which are placed around the walls of a Roman Catholic Church. These
are important because they strengthen the belief that Jesus died for
us and tells the story of his death and resurrection. In the past few
people could read to stories from the bible was painted on the walls
or on stained glass windows.

Catholics believe that the forgiveness of sins is very important, the
Angleton Church does not believe this. The confessional box is also
connected to Jesus’s death. Jesus died so that we could repent our
sins by asking for forgiveness and to go up to heaven when we die. It
gives a person space and privacy to ask God for forgiveness and help,
allowing them to speak to priests in privacy.

In all churches there are Fonts which are used for baptism. By being
baptised a person is being cleaned from sin through the waters of
baptism. Fonts are placed either by the door of the church to
represents that baptism is the entry into the Church, or in the centre
of the church to represents that baptism is the entry into the church
community. Fonts are extremely important because they enter a person
into the church and the community and cleanses them of their sins.

Lecterns and pulpits are in all churches. They emphasis the word on
God by the priest moving to a different area to speak the word of God
or to read from the bible. They focus a person’s attention on the
priest and on what the priest is saying.
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