Reasons Behind the Bombing of the Major Cities of Britain in World War II

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Reasons Behind the Bombing of the Major Cities of Britain in World War II The whole world was on fire. Bombers came in wave after wave, and London barely had time to catch with the effect of the fire caused by the Germans bomb. Fighters were scrambled to deal with the threat of fire, but there were just too many of them and just too many bombers. The drone of the planes overhead became a familiar sound over the ensuing days. It instilled fear in the people, but it also drew a steadfastness in them to stand their ground and never give in. The bombing also caused disastrous disruption to other aspects of everyday life. Like I've already indicated, the mere destroyed or damaged houses wasn't the only problem; school life was interrupted, families were homeless, and worst of all children were separated from their parents through the evacuation system. Evacuation was introduced at the start of World War Two so that young children were safe from the cities that were considered to be in danger of Nazi bombing. In addition, getting the masks on and getting in to the shelters wasn't also the only problem, everyday life was extremely affected in that also gas and electricity was cut off, which caused immense difficulties. To make matters worse for the British civilians, rationing was introduced by the government. At sea, the German U-boats became more numerous and more effective. The U-boats began sinking large numbers of British merchant ships bringing food and war supplies across the Atlantic from America. This played a large part in forcing the government to bring in rationing, to make sure that the food which was available was fairly shared out. Many cities in Britain were forced to cope with the difficulties above and many had to adjust their daily routines. However, London was especially badly hit. At the start of the campaign, the government did not allow the use of underground rail stations as they considered them a potential safety hazard. However, the population of London took the

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