Fox Hunting: Time to Stop the Slaughter

Fox Hunting: Time to Stop the Slaughter

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Fox hunting and fox hunting for sport is currently being argued
widely. In my opinion I feel that “living in a free country” does not
mean having the right to be cruel or spiteful to anyone or anything.
Although many throughout the world may disagree with my opinion, I
think that fox hunting should only be done in good deed such as
helping farmers who can’t afford to pay for a knacker.

Another example that suggests fox hunting is a bad sport as they are
doing it for their own pleasure and is not at all helping others, as
the majority of people when asked said that they are totally against
fox hunting and that huntsmen are mostly:

“These huntsmen are always Snooty, Rich and aristocratic.”

As Richard Sidaway states:

“If ‘country sports’ really are a sport, how come the same side always

Many people may argue that they are hunting to help the farmers keep
predators away from their cattle but in my point of view they are
doing it for “pleasure” as many of them call it but I feel that
farmers should make more of an effort to secure their cattle and
animals. Foxes have been known to get into chicken coops and kill far
more that they could possibly eat but this is our fault not theirs.

The fox is largely a predator; if it gets within grabbing distance of
a bird it's going to try to kill it. That is how it survives. In the
wild all but one and usually all of the chickens would have escaped
but because we have chosen to hold them captive they are all at the
mercy of the fox who behaves, in this unnatural situation, only
according to his instincts

Some huntsmen claim that hunting is a tradition and has been in their
generations for years, such as Sir Alan Ashcroft:

“Fox hunting has been in our family for years, and I feel it would be
such a pity to destroy such a long going tradition on account of a few

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people’s thoughts on this”

We have to take into account that any activity that involves killing
another living thing is and never should be thought of as approvable.
I feel it is not acceptable to make a tradition out of such an
inhumane sport.

A lot of people agree that the number of foxes needs to be controlled,
because the fox is seen as a common pest in the country, but they
don't like the way it is done. Some think shooting the fox would be
less cruel.

Drag hunting is the sport often mentioned as an alternative to chasing
foxes with hounds.

It involves hunting down a person with a scented rag who has left a
trail for the hounds to follow.

Baroness Fookes, who is involved with the Royal Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty Animals (RSPCA) says:

“Whether or not the fox is a pest is surely in the mind of the person
observing, anyway, the foxes were there long before us, and what right
have we to kill them just because we are bigger and because we can?”

Many of the jobs that currently depend on hunting would be retained if
mounted fox hunters switched to drag or bloodhound hunting.
Furthermore, even if some dedicated hunt followers forsake horse
riding altogether new employment opportunities will certainly arise,
for example through the conversion of stables to new uses.

Many people claim that the amount of foxes should be kept under
control, but Mounted foxhunts have killed 15, 000 foxes per year
alone. Several hundred thousand are killed by us in other ways.
Gamekeepers alone account for more than 100,000 per year and the
farming community kills at least that number by gassing, trapping and
shooting. And if the number of foxes drops too low in an area as a
result of such massacres, this could lead to an extinction of all

People claim that foxes are hunted because they kill other animals; we
are in the wrong because we are reciprocating by doing the same thing
so surely “two wrongs do not make a right.”

Others who support fox hunting claim that foxes are killed in only one
bite and that the fox is not traumatized. However I would argue that
foxes are not only killed in one bite in cases such as these

Martin Hemmington, the Director of the National Fox Welfare Society:

“I had written to my local hunt and politely asked them not to hunt on
or around my land. Two days later, a decapitated fox cub was placed on
the lawn next to the picnic area. The first person to see it was my
six-year-old son. We went to collect the body and arranged for an
autopsy. This revealed that the cub [about four weeks old] had more
than 36 bite marks consistent with an attack by a terrier. It had also
been hit twice on the back, breaking the spine in two places (all this
before death). And then, after death, it was decapitated, moved from
the original place of the killing and placed on my lawn! The only
person aware of my letter was the Master of the Hunt to which I wrote.
This incident gained no publicity because I didn't want any more
retribution considering that I had a large number of domestic animals
on site.”

This is just one of many examples in which the hunts send out a
warning. Many of these cases involve a dead fox left outside the door
or nailed to a tree.

After looking at both sides of the argument, I believe that hunting is
cruel and although foxes are seen as common pests it is their nature
to hunt and they should not be killed for it. I also feel people
should not take advantage of personal freedom by playing the hand of
god and taking life that doesn’t belong to them.
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