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Fictional Writing

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Fictional Writing

The bus came to a slow but steady stop. Mike grabbed his Jansport
backpack as he lifted himself up from the green seat at the back of
the bus. Saying goodbye to his fellow classmates, Mike and his
neighborhood friends piled off the bus. Walking up the long hill with
one strap of his backpack on his shoulder, Mike said, “Hey Erin, are
you going to the dance tomorrow?”

“I think so. How about you?”

“I’m not sure what were going to do,” said Mike in a cool manner.

It was a month into Mike’s freshman year of high school and the first
dance of the year was the following day. He loved everything about
high school from the new friends, to the girls, and finally being on a
varsity team. Mike was a basketball player, so becoming acquainted
with the high school atmosphere was no problem. He had not attended a
real high school party yet, but the other players on the team assured
him it would come. The first major event of the year was the
following night. The welcome-back dance was the first chance for many
freshman guys and girls to really get to know older classmates as well
as one another. However, many freshman students felt this dance would
determine the rest of their year; whether you were popular with your
classmates and girls or not.

After the long walk and entering his house, Mike threw his backpack
and shoes to the floor and began to make a sandwich. He relaxed on
his couch watching television while waiting for his parents to arrive
home from work.

“Mike, are you here,” said his mom.

“Yes, just like everyday you come home,” he responded.

Mike continued to watch television for another hour when something
suddenly sparked his mind.

“Mom, I have to talk to you,” he said while his mother washed dishes.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Well, it’s really two questions. First, can I sleep over Jimmy’s?

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And second, there’s a dance at school tomorrow and I was wondering if
I could go?”

“Yeah, that’s no problem.” There was a silence in the air for a brief
second before his mom said, “Well, wait a minute. We need you to stay
here tomorrow and baby-sit your sister because your father has that
important business dinner.”

Mike’s faced grimaced while he threw his hands up. “NO. It’s not
fair. This is the first dance of the year.”

His mom pondered again for another minute before responding. “Fine.
You can go. But next time we need you to watch your sister I don’t
want to hear a word. Understood,” she said with a stern look.

“Fine. Thanks mom, “he said. Then he leaned forward and hugged her.

He was pumped. Mike immediately went to his room, packed his stuff,
and called Jimmy and his other friends to inform them he was allowed
to go. After waiting, what seemed an eternity, Mike’s mom took him to
Jimmy’s. Jimmy’s parent allowed Jimmy and his younger brother to have
a sleep over. Mike and the older boys played video games and for
hours while Jimmy’s younger brother and his friends raided there party

“Steven, get out of here,” Jimmy said to his younger brother.

This happened a couple of times until the younger boys grew some

“No Jimmy, were staying, “said Steven.

While whispering in the corners of the room and becoming hungry, the
older boys developed a plan. Mike started it off.

“Jimmy, I got an idea,” said Mike loud enough for all of the boys to
hear. “You guys can stay only if you guys bring us up some popcorn
and soda.”

Steven and his friends agreed to the idea. However, the older boys
did not realize that they were dealing with sneaky but smart 6th

After the youngsters left the room, Mike and his friends continued to
play video games. Becoming anxious about the welcome-back dance, the
boys started to talk about girls and other classmates in their

“I bet Mike’s going to dance with Tracy Miller,” said one of the
boys. They all started to laugh and Mike’s face became beat red.
This went on for fifteen more minutes until the youngsters finally
showed up with the popcorn and sodas.

The youngsters arrived with the popcorn and soda, excited to hang out
with the older kids. However, Mike and his friends backed out on
their word and there was a small scuffle between the older boys and
youngsters which mainly consisted of noggies and wedgies. Mike and the
older boys went back to teasing each other about different girls and
imitated how each other would dance. An hour after finishing the
sodas, the boys all seemed to become very tired. Mike could not
understand it. He got plenty of rest the night before and there was
no practice after school that day. Mike noticed all the other boys
eyes becoming very heavy and thought nothing of it.
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