Importance of Relationships in The Grapes of Wrath

Importance of Relationships in The Grapes of Wrath

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Importance of Relationships Exposed in The Grapes of Wrath



Relationships are everywhere around you and at all times they are present and needed. Good interactions with people form average lives into fairytales and wishes into realities. People need all types of relationships; they need love to know they have a great person right with them along the whole way, they need someone to care about and support, they need someone to flirt with and to have a strong sexual relationship with, and most importantly they need a friend to behold there secrets and trust. Relationships help people get through the tough times; they are there to maintain healthy lifestyles, which is something everyone desires. Relationships are used frequently throughout the novel to amplify and describe the harsh conditions of the land and the journey westward. The family who set off to California during the depression only made it there because of the people around them.


The love in ones heart is not always as noticeable as we would like it to be; yet it is always present if someone truly loves another. It is hard not to have such a strong and desirable love for someone you have missed in the past. Ma and Tom Joad had so much love for each other, and it is rather funny how no one really noticed it but them. They always looked out for one and other during the hard times, it was the helping hand of the other that made them survive. "She crawled close to his voice ` I wanta touch ya again, Tom. It's like I'm blin', It's so dark. I wanta remember, even if it's only my fingers that remember `..." (569). If that person that you love with all your heart has to leave you, it would be the worst feeling in the entire world because you would know just then that you might not make it without them during the tough times. Ma Joad feels that exact emotion toward her son Tom. Thought must run through both of there head about how they will ever live without the other. It is a hard thing to face and a hard thing to defeat. The relationship between Ma Joad and her beloved son Tom is more than just family love; during the trip their connection grew to dependence and need.

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Caring for someone can develop a compassionate friendship, and it honors that person to know indirectly you will always be there for encouragement. A person who cares about you could be someone you have known for a long time or simply it could be someone who just wants to help; there are very few people in this world who are known to have such a privilege. Casy is a special person and a great friend to Sairy Wilson. He has done some remarkable things for her and others as well. They had somewhat of a secret friendship; no one knew how much they helped one and other out. " `You got a God. Don't make no difference if you don' know what he looks like.' The preacher bowed his head. She watched him apprehensively. And when he raised his head again she looked relieved. `That's good,' she said. `That's what I needed. Somebody close enough - to pray.' "(298) All Sairy wanted was a prayer for her soul from someone close enough to God so it would be heard. She was lucky to have someone who cared like Casy, even if he could have said a better prayer; She was lucky to have a friend like Casy.


True love is often mistaken for attraction and many people get carried away and forget those feelings they once had for each other. Attraction is full of fun things that can either make or break a beautiful relationship. Who knows if Connie ever truly loved Rosasharn, but one thing is for sure, they loved the benefits of being married. Even while Rose of Sharon was pregnant they could hardly keep their hands off of each other, even before her entire family as they were dreaming off into the night. "... and in the heat they struggled together, and held their breaths. And after a time Connie through off the blanket and the hot tunneling wind felt cool on their wet bodies."(306) If Connie had not left Rosasharn it would be clearer they had some love for each other. However Connie did leave his pregnant wife alone to struggle and somewhat survive. In the heat of their passion love was somewhat present; still during the hot days something was missing between them, something that was not obvious until Connie left.


Lots of little things make one big friendship. A true friend like Tom brings out the best of their good friend, like Casy. Not only do they bring out the best of each other, but the bring out the best of themselves. Who knew that a priest and a prisoner could have so much integrity and so much in common? As Tom invites Casy to travel with his family to California, he is unknowingly changing his feelings about Casy forever as a true friend. " Tom looked down at the preacher. The light crossed the heavy mans legs and white new pick handle. Tom leaped silently. He wrenched the club free. The first time he knew he had missed and struck a shoulder, but the second time his crushing blow found the head..." (527)



Even though Tom knew that killing another man would ruin the rest of his life, he had to do it for his best friend Casy, no matter the consequence. Similar to Tom Casy would have done the same thing, and in fact he did do something similar. Let us not forget Casy taking the blame for hitting the police officer, he knew if he had not done that, his good friend Tom would have had a much shorter life. True friends stick up for each other one hundred percent of the time, which is what simply makes such a brilliant friendship.


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