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Well-Rounded Hotel Manager - Creative Writing

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You can't have it all, so they say. Either you are the excellent and
young hotel manager, well-built athlete, reporter, photographer or
football player.

Then again, for the past ten years or so, having it all seems to be
what Lu ZhenHua is all about. Starting out as one of the part-time
reporters of Beijing Evening News when he was twenties, this
28-year-old hotel manager, triathlete, photographer and football
player oversized the self and is definitely one of the busiest people

ZhenHua was born in TianJin on October 19, 1973 and grew up in Beijing
City. He looks like a prestigious man and is about 180cm tall. He
wears thick and dark glasses which are slightly taped on the side and
his red suspenders. He gets small black eyes and short brown hair. He
is married and has 2 children. ZhenHua spent his school years in
Beijing. He was a shy little boy until his parents encouraged him to
join the Chinese opera, where he was able to gain confidence and be
comfortable around people.

It was around that time that Beijing Evening News was holding seminar
to recruit young new reporters “I think I was lucky to have been
selected due to limited knowledge,” he says jokingly. Apart from
Chinese opera, ZhenHua’s parents encouraged ZhenHua to play sports.
ZhenNan then seriously got into swimming and platform diving, and
engaged in swimming, running and cycling - triathlon. ZhenHua started
training for all three events when he was a freshman in Beijing High
School 101. At 16, he joined his first triathlon competition and get
second runner-up in the juniors division.

ZhenHua is now a hotel manager of FeiYing International Youth Hotel in
which located in Chang Chun Jie, southern part of Beijing. He stared
as assistant manager of the hotel in year 2000. This is a small hotel,
only 38 bedrooms and 8 staff, so ZhenHua job as general manager is
very much-on. Staff is all multi-faceted there. ZhenHua might work at
reception, do the banking, handle reservations or open the mail and

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might end up washing dishes.

Hotel managers must good at multi-tasking, and those who wish to
remain in the profession and maintain respect must be quick thinking
and decisive. ZhenHua is extremely detail-oriented; when running a
hotel, there is no such thing as an unimportant detail. He drives
himself to improve and upgrade the hotel at every available

Running a hotel could be a high-pressure job with long hours, but
ZhenHua is still just as enthusiastic about it as when he first
started working in hospitality. “I think hospitality industry is
fantastic, particularly the people side of things. I enjoy meeting
people and making them happy with the service we provide.”

Footballer is one of the sports ZhenHua loves playing in his spare
time. When he entered university at the Beijing Foreign Studies
University majoring in International Business, he joined the football
club. For a year now, however, sports have taken the backseat to his
other activities. Yet, he still squeezes time to plays in an amateur’s
team for his hotel’s sponsor. “Actually at the moment I’m seldom
training for triathlon. That’s something I want to fit into my
schedule. I’m concentrating on my work,” ZhenHua says. “I would not
want to mess it up; I might not be able manage the hotel well.”

Despite the heavy workload now, ZhenHua manages to put time for his
other interests, such as the arts. “I’m not an art collector, but I
love creating,” he shares. “I enjoy multimedia creations making
sounds, stills and moving movies together. Oh, I do love photography
and painting too.”

While ZhenHua is not a typical young man, he never seems to handle his
life of one. On his spare time, he loves watching films and reading
books. He enjoys hanging out with friends to bars and karaoke box. He
loves listening to music, particularly pop music and jazz. He is a
music lover who knows how to play piano, and is learning to play

Moreover, he likes playing video games. ZhenHua also loves to eat, and
his favorite foods are Chinese food like dim sum. But what he really
loves is sleeping, “I sleep more than anyone else does. What gets me
up in the morning is when I’m late for appointments and meetings, as I
sleep a lot.” he says.

What does it take for a man to be able to successfully manage his
hotel works with pursuing sports and arts hobbies, and making time
with his family and friends? Definitely, what Zhenhua has is skill and

ZhenHua is undeniably one of the few who to be called well-rounded,
and set up a model of how remarkable achievements at his age. But he
remains humble, “Luckily is a big part of it and also my attitude.” He
adds, “It’s not much of an achiever; it’s just that I was lucky enough
to take part in a lot of things and to have been given the chance to
experience them.” On being well-rounded, ZhenHua explains, “People get
surprise that I do so many things at the same time, but the true is
that I do not do them all at the same time.”

ZhenHua also states that he owes his being an achiever to his parents,
Lu NanKe, a retire doctor, and Zeng Le, a high school teacher. “I have
encouraged searching the surroundings and finding out opportunities by
the family,” says ZhenHua. “My father provides me everything and
spends a lot of time with me. My interests in athlete and all the
other things I do, all the opportunities that I have been given, it’s
really because he is there to support me and to push me trying new

When asked how he sees himself five years from now, ZhenHua answers,
“That’s a difficult question. I might even have a hard time if you ask
me how I see myself a year from now.” Being a person who doesn’t like
planning ahead, he just hopes that a few years from now, he would
still be working for the hotel and that he would get a chance to
travel around the world.

An achiever in every sense of the word, ZhenHua is proof that young
people can make a big difference in the world by making out of every
opportunity to grow as a person. ZhenHua’s determination, wisdom and
the ability to put things into perspective are reflected on his
philosophy in life: “Everything is walking distance if you have the
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