My First Visit to the Dentist

My First Visit to the Dentist

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My First Visit to the Dentist

One of my earliest memories is going out with my mum to visit the
dentist. It was half past two on a bright, cheery day in spring. Being
only five years old, I was convinced by my mom to visit the dentist
and check out my then milk teeth.

Boy was I excited! I wasn’t so sure what a “dentist” was. I only knew
that I was a truly ‘brave and courageous’ boy, according to my mum, to
agree so readily to the trip. On the way to the dentist, my stomach
grumbled suddenly. My mom said, “Son, shall we get some snack before
we continue with our journey?” So we stopped at a shop, and grabbed
some food and drinks. My stomach felt at ease after that. Half an hour
later, we finally arrived at the dentist.

I wondered at how white and clean the place was. What was this place?
It was an almost empty room with a receptionist behind the counter. On
the wall were many posters. One by one, I started examining them. They
looked familiar; I wondered again, what could this place be? With all
my pent up curiosity, I asked my mom, “Mom, where are we?” Mom didn’t
reply but instead continued reading her magazine that she had been
holding for the past few minutes. So I just sat beside my mom and fell

A few minutes later, my mom woke me up and we went into a room. There
was a stranger who was dressed in a white overcoat, and a stethoscope
around his wrinkled neck. He was really ancient with a mop of snow
white hair. At that precise moment, I freaked out. I was certain who
this person was. I screamed and quickly ran out of the room. My mom
and the dental nurse chased after me, I couldn’t escape. I was taken
back to the room and was scolded by my mom. My mom held on to my arm
tightly, I was overwhelmed.

The nurse helped me sit on the dental chair.

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I gripped the arm handles
so tightly that my finger tips turned almost red. The ancient dentist
told me to open my mouth, but I decided to ignore him. But then it
didn’t work - he opened my mouth by force and threw a glance and let
me free. I was so relieved by the fact that he wasn’t doing anything
until he took out an anesthetic syringe. I knew I was doomed. I burst
out crying then as he gave me a pinch in the gum. No pain. I was so
thrilled, a few minutes later he conjured up a pincer looking tool and
extracted my rotten teeth. It didn’t hurt! I was so glad. He applied
some medicine and gave the rest of my teeth a clean bill of health. My
mom thanked him. Before I left the room, the kind dentist conjured up
a lollipop as a reward for my good behaviour. I was over the moon
though my right side of my face was still numb.

I fell asleep on the way home. I remember telling myself, ‘I swear
that I will never ever go to the dentist ever again.”
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