Internet Censorship Position

Internet Censorship Position

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Internet Censorship Position

We live in a world with many technological advances, such as cell
phones, iPods, MP3 players, DVD players, and many major medical
advances, too many to name. Perhaps the most important technological
advance is the World Wide Web or simply the Internet. Of course like
any good thing, the Internet comes with its ups and downs.

The internet is a wonderful learning tool. Of course, there are some
things, actually a lot of things, that aren’t suitable for a classroom
environment, such as pornography, violent material, uneducational
games, or even web sites about cheating in schools. Sure, games are
fine at home, but they are not good for the classroom. Of course there
are some educational games that are quite beneficial to the classroom
and to the learning of the students.

The textbook says that hate speeches are not suitable to the
classroom. I disagree. I do not condone hate violence. I am completely
against. However, the speeches could be beneficial to a student’s
learning. If one is learning about the Holocaust, then it might be
helpful to read Hitler’s speeches. I believe that his speeches are
hate speeches, but yet useful to the classroom.

Some of those against Internet censorship say that it violates the
constitution because it violates the first amendment. I don’t think
that this is true. If no web site were blocked on school computers
then students might see some things that they are definitely not old
enough to see. For example, if an elementary student was on a computer
using the internet and a pornographic site popped up, don’t you think
that the child’s parents would be a little upset? I don’t think that
some sites should be blocked, but things like pornography, violent
material, and games should definitely be banned from the school room

I believe that the federal legislation should take care of this
problem. This is most certainly a national dilemma. This is something
that every school with computers in the United States needs to deal

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with. I think that if it were up to the district or state legislation
then it would be pointless. They would all have to do similar or
essentially the exact same function. If almost every state has to do
the exact same function then why shouldn’t the federal government take
care of it? I don’t think it’s a matter of money, but no one can agree
on who should take care of this.

The internet is a great thing. I personally love the internet. It has
helped me learn lots of information for school. Also, I love the games
on the internet. Though I love these games, they are not meant to be
in a classroom. If the students had access to things like games on the
web, then they most likely wouldn’t pay attention to the teacher, thus
missing an important lesson. Filtering the internet for a classroom
environment does not violate the first amendment. I personally believe
that it protects the students.
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