The Underworld

The Underworld

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The Underworld
In Dorris Lessing’s story Jerry goes through the tunnel into his own
life. Use this as a basis for your own piece of imaginative writing
which has as its pivot an experience which transforms, or changes,
your central character. Describe this event, or experience, as its

The boy in the dark hooded jumper knew he made a mistake, yet he sat
deep in the dark, forgotten carriage of the underground. As the
hourglass of the journey started to run, the forgotten carriage sank
deeper and deeper into the endless, forsaken underworld. As people
walked past him, they gave him a sort of unforgiving look. That was
probably because of the way he hunched his shoulders forward, making
him look some how mysterious and hazardous. He looked older than
fifteen and was well built. He had green eyes that were like
glistening emeralds in the sun.

His name was Brian Matthews. His parents had died in a most
devastating car crash when he was nine and since then he has lived
with his atrocious aunt in South London. The flat that they lived in
was not big or smart. Brian dropped out of school so that he could
help his aunt earn money in order for them to have a home.

All of a sudden the tube jolted so hard that Brian fell forwards like
a book falling from its place.

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He got out of the old train and left
the sinister, gloomy underworld and went back to Earth. Brian stopped
at the front of Crawley station and sat on the bench, waiting for his
dark master to arrive. His so called dark master was one of the
wealthiest kids on the block and Brian really wanted to be like him.

Brian only had five pounds in his pocket. He had more money at home
but he kept it in a secret box, so that one day he will have enough
money to get out of his dump of a village. His other reason for
wanting a lot more money was because like every other teenage boy,
money was power. Money was liberty. He didn’t have any, therefore that
was his reason for coming there that night. But already he knew that
he shouldn’t have come. It was immoral. It was foolish, so why did he

He looked at his addidas three stripe watch and saw that it was
already ten past seven. The dark master was late. Should Brian have
left by now? If so, he could just stay with his aunt for the rest of
his life, feeling lonely as a lost possession under the sea. Or he
could stay, get very rich and maybe get caught. Just as he was about
to leave, an older boy dressed in a leather jacket came over and
blocked Brian’s pathway to freedom.

“You off then, Brian?” the older boy said in such a mysterious voice,
that gave Brian goosebumps.

“I thought that you weren’t coming.” he said in an unsure voice.

“Oh yes? Then why did you think that?”

Because you’re 40 minutes late. I am cold and that you are as
dependable as public transport. That was what Brian wanted to say. But
the words did not come out of his mouth, instead he just shrugged.

The boy just smiled. His name was Ian. He was seventeen, tall and
bony, had fair skin with acne. Ian was dressed in expensive designer
clothes and stunk of cologne. Even at school he had the best clothes.

“Sorry that I was late but I got held up.”

Brian said nothing.

“You haven’t had second thoughts have you?”

“No,” I said in a very powerful tone.

“You’ve got nothing to worry about, Brian, mate. It’s going to be very
easy. Charlie already told me.”

Sure Brian had nothing to worry about because Charlie was Ian’s older
brother who just happened to be in prison, in a young juvenile
detention centre! Ian didn’t really talk much about him. But it was
Charlie who had heard of the warehouse.

The warehouse was about fifteen to twenty minutes away from the tube
station. It was in a manufacturing zone. It was a warehouse stacked
with CDs, DVDs, and mobile phones. It was amazing because there were
no alarm systems and no security cameras. And the only security guard
there was an old man, who was practically deaf and always slept.
Charlie knew this because his friend once went there to work on the
electrical systems. According to Charlie, you could break in merely
using a pin and then walk out with about 200 quids worth of equipment.
It was all there, just waiting to be taken. It was like taking candy
from a baby.

That was why Brian agreed to come down and meet with Ian. He and Ian
had done many things before, like stealing cars and stealing things
from local supermarkets but never anything like that night. Fear rose
up in Charlie. His blood pressure escalated and he could hear his
heart pumping like a man thumping the floor. Brian didn’t know if he
could go through with this. Brian liked Ian very much because when he
first came to school, Ian took him under his wing and whenever someone
tried to bully him, Ian showed everyone who was boss. Ian was like a
friend to Brian.

“Are you sure about this?” Brain asked, his body trembling with

“Sure I am sure. Why? What’s the problem?” Ian asked in a very casual

“It’s just. If we were to get caught....”

“It will be fine and we won’t. As I have already told you, there are
no CCTV there. Come on Brian. If you are going to be so scared, then I
do not know if I even want to hang out with you even more. Come on,
money is power.”

The words spat out again. Money is power and I won’t want to be your
friend anymore. Brian knew that he couldn’t give up anymore because
otherwise he will loose his only friend and he will have no money.

Ian and Brian set off to the warehouse. When they arrived, the
warehouse looked like a complete dump. It was old and the building
looked discoloured and naturally, it was graffitied. They went to the
back door and before they both went in, Ian went through the

“Remember, we are going to split our ways and take whatever we can.
Then after half an hour we will meet back here. Ok?”

“Ok,” he said with pain pinching his back all over.

Ian broke in, just using a pin and they were in. So maybe it was
really like taking candy from a baby. The warehouse was much bigger
than Brian had expected. There were hundreds and hundreds of rows of
CDs, DVDs, mp3 players and stereos. Ian immediately went off and Brian
went the opposite way. Brian started to put things in his pocket but
then a part of him wanted to put everything back. Brian was taking
some DVDs when suddenly he heard a radio being turned on.

That was when it all started to go wrong.

Brian knew that the radio noise was not a good sign. Just as Brian was
about to turn round, a giant hand clumped onto his shoulder and the
security guard said “What the hell are you doing here?”

Brian tried to turn round but he couldn’t. The policeman took Brian’s
hands and suddenly nothing seemed simple anymore. The security guard
was asking if there was someone else with him but just after saying
that, the security guard’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He
fell on the floor. Then he saw Ian, with a knife in his hands covered
in blood! Ian told Brian that they should leave but Brian protested.

“We can’t just leave the guard just lying here in his own pool of
blood. We should get some help. You can leave but I am going to stay.”

“Fine then, be a loser, stay but I am going to save myself.”

Just as Ian finished those words, police sirens were coming out of the
blue and there were many of them. Ian fled but Brian just stayed
there. That was then Brian realised that when hanging out with Ian, he
had gone through a bad transformation. The police came in and saw the
guard on the floor covered in blood. They took Brian and cuffed his
hands. He heard Ian shouting that it was all Brian’s fault. So then he
was yanked off into the silent evening.

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