The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution The Russian revolution can be broken up into short and long term causes. In March 1917 the Tsars regime was overthrown and that was the end of Russia’s monarchy, Tsar Nicolas’ inability to see the needs of the Russian people led to his collapse and eventually death. The long term causes can be broken into four main sections. Firstly the Russian middle class had lost all respect for the tsar, they no longer believed that Tsar Nicolas could restore law and order, demonstrations were being held regularly, his only known course of action to take was violence, like the horrific incident of bloody Sunday 1905, in which the tsar’s loyal Cossacks opened fire upon unarmed demonstrators. The Tsar could not see the unbelievably clear needs of his people, industrial development was at low, weapons and vital minerals were in short supply, workers began to strike, the average wage of a worker during 1917 would not have been enough to feed one mouth let alone a family. The land on which the peasants worked, was not shared out they began to up rise and kill the nobles and aristocrats, he could not give concessions, he wasn’t listening to the Duma he was self centred and ignorant. The people of Russia were beginning to see that other countries without monarchs were much further ahead in modern times, and they were becoming a third world country. The USA and France were undergoing huge economic development and industrial revolutions, and they were under a Republic rule, which as every mess caused by the Tsar, a republic became more and more desirable. Eventually the Tsar was no longer affective, all respect towards him was lost, and the people were loosing patience, the Russian armies were suffering huge losses in the war and worst of all, the Tsar had decided to take all control of his forces so he became responsible for all defeats and every mans death. And things were becoming desperate; food supplies were not getting to the frontline or to the people in

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