I Joined- Personal Narrative

I Joined- Personal Narrative

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I Joined- Personal Narrative
I am a front line soldier. I was with a mate sitting at the bottom of
the parapet. My mate took out his damp cigarette. He managed to have a
smoke, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t take the smell of blood, mud
and rats. I could not have a peaceful smoke. The smell was always
there. It did not go at all. I always fell sick and could not stand it
at all. The weather was finally clear and nice and bright after so
many days. Our mood changed dramatically from upset and sad to happy
and cheerful. I was hoping nothing horrible and disgusting will happen
today. We kept our hopes up for a nice peaceful day because it wasn’t
raining. We heard a call, “Get ready men. Today is a fine day to fight
for your country”. No one hesitated or panicked from this call to get
ready to fight. Everyone was calm and quiet.

I picked up my gun and started to load it up with my bullets in my
side pocket. Next to me my friend started praying and crying. On the
other side I saw my friend shivering and walking clumsily up to the
trench. Before the call for go, I started to kiss my chain which had
the Holy Cross

Suddenly there it was a signal to go. All of us slowly looked side to
side at the other soldiers around us. We all slowly climbed over the
large trench. We all started to walk slowly altogether in a straight
line and parallel across a large barren land called No Mans Land.

There was still no attacks made on us and no one was down on the floor
blown into pieces. We were wondering why it was so quiet and calm. Did
they want peace on this day as it was a very bright and warm sunny
day? We are still half way up to No Mans Land and still no attack.

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started to run. We knew victory would be ours. What is going on, still
no attack. Our smile started to grow. We could smell the glorious

Suddenly I saw a greenish, yellow cloud of fog coming towards us from
the enemy sides. What was this cloud of fog with a colour of green? We
watched in amazement. The cloud slowly came towards us. The fog was
like a ghostly image, flying around clumsily covering a large area of
the sky. It was everywhere.

I stopped. So did everyone else. I slowly turned round to the soldier
standing next to me. It was my friend. The person who I slept next to,
and the person I ate, smiled and cried with.

He was kneeling down onto the floor. He was coughing. He was
screaming. He turned around, looking up to me. He was holding my leg,
shouting, help me, and help me my friend. His eyes were all white. I
heard slight fizzing noises coming from his eyes. He was coughing. He
was coughing out blood. Then some sort of organ. I cried out loud,
“no……..no………..no” I looked everywhere at every other soldier on the
field. The same thing was happening to everyone else.

What such horrible image. Could this be hell? Hell which god has
chucked us in, to be punished. I knew it.

This is my final few seconds of my life to think about my family I
have left behind for this war and now for the rest of my life. How
could I be so stupid?

Why did I join the army, why, why, why. Is this what life is all
about. Was this what was planed for my whole life time by god. Why did
I join, why, why, why.
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