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The Sabbath

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The Sabbath The Sabbath in simple form is the seventh day in a Hebrew week,
starting Friday

evening, ending Saturday evening but it is different for Christians,
who celebrate the

Sabbath on Sunday. However, in this essay I will be going further into
the true meaning

of the Sabbath, how it is presented in Mark’s Gospel and how different

denominations worship on the Sabbath. The Sabbath was the day God
rested after

creating the world, this was the 7th day. The Sabbath for the Jews
meant the prohibition

of cooking, gathering manna, plowing and reaping, lighting a fire,
gathering wood,

carrying burdens, pressing grapes, bringing in sheaves and loading
animals. The

Sabbath is celebrated differently in the New Testament, Jesus saw the
Sabbath as a

burden, and he thought that the Scribes and Pharisees had put an huge
burden on men’s

shoulders rather than taking the burden off their shoulders.

"The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath" (Mark, 2,
27). In Jesus’

argument with the Scribes and Pharisees he defended his disciples for
plucking ears of

corn to help a hungry person and he argued that Sabbath is not broken
in cases of

necessity or by acts of charity as is the way that his disciples were
accused of ‘breaking

the Sabbath’. The Sabbath is now celebrated on Sundays by Christians


In Mark’s Gospel, Mark speaks of the Sabbath in a very controversial

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way. Mark claims that Jesus fought with the Pharisees to change the
way of the Torah’s system of sacrifice employed on the people for the
Sabbath day. He talks about how Jesus reacted to the harsh reality of
the Sabbath thousands of years ago in Israel. Mark begins talking
about Jesus’ disciples picking ears of corn as an act of charity for a
hungry man and how the Pharisees for this scolded his disciples. This
is what started Jesus’ argument that the Sabbath ‘was made for man,
not man made for the Sabbath’. This means that Jesus thought the
Sabbath was too much of a burden on man and instead should be a relief
of burden like the relief that was experienced by God after he had
finished creating the world on the seventh day. Jesus wanted the
Pharisees to change the law of the Torah so that the Sabbath can be
broken in the case of necessity or in the act of charity to one
another. I believe that this view of Jesus revolutionised the Sabbath
to make it what it is today, a day of rest and worship.

There are various different Christian denominations that all celebrate
the Sabbath in a different way. Yes, all these denominations accept
that Sabbath is there to be a day of

rest as it was for God but they each celebrate the Sabbath in a
different way, The Church of England has a Eucharist, similar to the
Catholic church, the Catholic church has mass every Sunday, the
Methodist church has a service of bible readings and sung hymns

and the Evangelical church has praise and worship in a celebration
mass. Sunday is the

day of rest in all denominations but mass is treated differently in
each denomination. This might be because some Christian denominations
don’t agree with Jesus’ laid back image of how the Sabbath should be
celebrated to the same extent that other Christian denominations do,
or they are trying to be more modernised and less strict than the
founding Church of Catholicism.

Despite all this, Sunday remains the main day of worship. All

believe that some work is necessary, however Sunday is still a day of
rest. I’m sure that if God on his day of rest saw suffering on his new
world, he wouldn’t have sat down and watched, he would have tried to
help. And I think that is the view that all Christians should take on
the Sabbath, treat it how God would treat it.

I conclude that Sabbath is a day of rest and should be treated the way
God would treat it by making exceptions to rules when it is absolutely
necessary (in a matter of life or death) and that in order for the
Sabbath to truly be a day of rest, there should be no

rules and the rules that shouldn’t be made in the first place,
shouldn’t be enforced as watching all the people to make sure they
don’t break the ‘rules’ of the Sabbath won’t be resting anyway. Mark
expresses the way that Jesus thought we should treat the Sabbath in a
way that we can learn to keep the Sabbath holy, Mark helped Christians
to understand the Sabbath in humane way. I believe that the different
Christian denominations celebrate the Sabbath in a very similar
manner. They all celebrate the Sabbath in a way that Jesus would have
wanted the Jews celebrate the Sabbath, yet they still all stick to
their own traditions.
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