A Great Week at the Acorn Youth Club

A Great Week at the Acorn Youth Club

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A Great Week at the Acorn Youth Club
I have chosen to interview Alan Ford, who is the Manager of Acorn
Youth Club. My task was to create a newsletter on what has been a
great week at the Acorn Youth Club, with many events and competitions
taking place. I was asked to make sure that the newsletter was aimed
especially at the teenage and young adult audience, with lots of
information which highlights Acorn Youth Club from other youth clubs.
The information would also have to advertise more youngsters to join
ACY (Acorn Youth Club).

The above stated are the main purposes of writing this newsletter,
which will be displayed in local libraries and schools. Importantly, I
had to make sure that it could be used as template, for future
newsletters, with ease.

Consideration of alternative solutions

There are several ways to producing and presenting this newsletter,
but each way has its pros and cons.

One way is to design, plan and write it by hand. The positive aspect
of this is that you can get down exactly what you want, using the
desired colours, style, font etc. Also it can be photocopied many
times, for distribution. The major negative aspect of this is that it
cannot be used over and over again as a template, to edit and change
with ease, as it’s done by hand. This method cannot be used, as an
important requirement was that it must be a template for use with
future newsletters and designing an d writing this newsletter by hand
would not fill in this requirement.

A more promising method is to use Microsoft Word. This is bound to
give more and better options to choose from, for designing and writing
the newsletter. However, word processing does have its advantages and
disadvantages. The main benefits are that once text is entered it can
be easily processed. The appearance can be changed (text formatting)
and the content can be changed (text editing). The text or document
can be saved and reused.

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However this is only relevant enough for
something like a standard letter template, which can be created and
used to send similar letters to different people. With word processing
the appearance of the document can be improved with graphics and
formatting. It also has spell and grammar check, which is an essential
element when word processing a newsletter. Its disadvantages are that
it doesn’t contain ready made templates, like Microsoft Publisher.
Also a variety of borders, colours, backgrounds, word art, images and
text boxes can all be used at once, easily; where as in Word it’s
harder to use a wide variety all at once and also get the desired
look. Moreover, in Publisher images can be imported and edited using a
wider a range of options, which aren’t all readily available in Word.

So therefore when using publisher to create the newsletter, I can use
its many features. I can use a readily available newsletter template.
If I’m not satisfied with that particular template then I can edit
its, colours, patterns etc. A useful feature will be the text boxes,
which I need, to add in the necessary text. I can take illustrations
or images from a scanner, digital camera, clip art or internet and
import, resize or crop them to fill the available space. I can then
make text flow or wrap itself around the text, when writing articles
in the newsletter. I can use the Autoshapes feature to draw lines and
boxes or shapes to separate or put text into. I can use word art and
format text to add variety and make my newsletter eye catching.


I believe that Desktop Publishing is the best software to use to write
the newsletter because:-

· A wizard or template can be used, to reduce the amount of time it
takes to organise and design the layout of the page.

· Templates can also be originally designed by the user as for the
youth club newsletter. For example, at the top of the page the clubs
logo, name and address could be displayed, similar to a letterhead.

· Features from other software’s, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft
excel, and can be copy and pasted or imported into Desktop Publishing.

· These features such as text, charts and pictures, can then be edited
in their layout and appearance and organised in the page. Pictures can
be cropped and resized. Text can be made to flow round a graphic or
image using text wrap.

· Features in Desktop Publishing such as word art, autoshapes,
borders, backgrounds, clip art and font can be added to make the
newsletter look attractive.

· Once the newsletter has been finalised, the completed publication
can be printed and checked for errors, improvements, negative points
and positive points. Corrections can then be made before printing out
a fine, high quality master copy.

· The document can also be published on the internet easily.

· Very professional-looking newsletters can be produced.

· When doing the next issue, text and images can be deleted easily and
replaced with the desired text and images.

User Requirements

My user has requested me to make sure that my newsletter should have
these objectives:

· It must be aimed at teenagers and the young adult audience.

· It must be a template, so that it can be reused in future

· It must be eye-catching and have a variety if images, fonts and

· It must be liable for copying many times, in colour.

· It must identify the organisation, its address and logo.

· It must contain relevant images and information.

· It must not have any grammatical or spelling errors.

· It must contain enough information and identity to persuade
youngsters to join our youth club.

· It needs to be printed on one side of an A4 sheet of paper.

· It must be complete, accurate and look professional.
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