The Silo Strangler- Creative Writing

The Silo Strangler- Creative Writing

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Slowly trudging through the swampy field silhouetted by the moon, was
the fifth victim of the Silo Strangler. He was 15 years old, 5ft 6 and
was the usual teenager who thought that the world revolved around him
and that nothing could hurt him. His father laid down the rules in his
house and the one he, made a point of most was that Andy should not
sneak out of his bedroom and night to go and drink with his friends.
Not only was it illegal for him to be drinking, the Silo Strangler was
lurking around and had already killed four people in the vicinity of
the village. It was violating this rule that got Andy killed.

It started as soon as he climbed out of his bedroom window at 10:30PM.
He shuffled down the cast iron drainpipe down the side of his house to
the ground, he sneaked around the house in total stealth making sure
nobody saw him. He crossed the well-lit main road, which spoiled the
serenity of the village, bringing more people to the village who
bought houses for obscene amounts of money and the Buttermilk
Bluebeard. Then he climbed awkwardly through the barbed wire fence
trying his best not to damage himself or his clothing as his parents
would know he had been out if he did.

Now he was in the field he could not run through it, he had to slowly
walk, down the edge of the field, as there was corn on the cob growing
in it so he had to take care not to stand on or trip over one of the
corn plants. When he came to the end of this field he had could run
through the next field then he had to walk through the woods to the
other side of the village.

The woods were strange place, especially in the dark when everything
seemed to change. Trees looked like people. Branches looked like arms
and normal noises like and owls hooting, or a bird setting of to fly
made you feel like you were being watched.

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Especially now the Silo
Strangler was on the prowl. It was said that he followed his victims
round for days before finally killing them taking them to a farm and
throwing them into a corn silo only to be found by the farmer when he
came to clean it out.

When Andy got to where he usually met his friends, he was shocked to
find that they were not there. Andy texted Tom only to find out that
he had been caught sneaking out of his house so everyone else decided
to stay at home. Andy sat down and pulled out the bag with their
collection of drinks in only to find that that all the bottles were
empty because they drunk all the alcohol last Friday and Tom was going
to bring some. Then out of the corner of his eye, he saw what looked
like a person looking out from behind a tree. He looked at it for a
while, then decided it was just another figment of his imagination.

He got up and started to saunter back to his house when he started to
think of the Silo Strangler and that he could be the next person to be
killed. His parents told him that he targeted teenage boys who were
full of themselves he did not know whether that was true or just made
up to scare him and stop him sneaking out at night. While he was
daydreaming, he felt a sharp pain in his side, which stopped him
daydreaming. He looked up and his heart sank. He had ripped his brand
new top that cost his mum £100.00. By walking into a barbed wire
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