Free Essay on Homer's Odyssey - Odysseus and Telemachus

Free Essay on Homer's Odyssey - Odysseus and Telemachus

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The Odyssey - Odysseus and Telemakhos




At the beginning of the book Telemakhos is troubled with the suitors trying to marry his mother.  He tries to keep them in line but they are rampant, especially when they're drunk.  They kill Odysseus's herd for their own feedings and disrespect the house of Odysseus.  So Telemakhos is obliged to search for his father because he is his last and only hope of keeping the suitors away.  He is determined to search for his father and must find him at all costs.  When Odysseus is stuck on the island of Kalypso, Athena had obliged him to leave the island in search of his home, Ithaka.  She tells him of the memories he had there and he remembered how much he had longed for Ithaka.  So he was determined to get home.  Just like how Telemakhos was determined to find his father.  They were destined by the gods to come together.  In book 16, it talks about Telemakhos and his father talking to each other planning how they were going to take over the suitors.  They talked and talked and were happy to see each other.  


 When Odysseus told Telemakhos that he wished to stay as a beggar for a little while and get used to the town before he attacks the suitors, Telemakhos didn't feel it was right.  He knew that if he were to go into town he would be mocked by the suitors and antagonized by them.  He may even be beaten.  This shows that Telemakhos cares for Odysseus and his honor.  But Odysseus knew that he must be a beggar until it is the right time.  "Let your ribs cage up your springing heart, no matter what I suffer, no matter if they pull me by the heels or practice shots at me, to drive me out.  Look on, hold down your anger." (16, 326)  So Telemakhos had no choice but to agree.  "Ah, father, even when danger comes I think you'll find courage in me.  I am not scatterbrained." (16, 369) This may greatly affect his honor and maybe create hatred towards the suitors so he will be pumped up and ready to kill the suitors at any time.

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When Telemakhos tells everyone of his arrival, the suitors are dumbfounded.  They believed that Telemakhos couldn't make it back from his trip but he did.  His mother, Penelope, was very happy to see him.  She told him that the suitors planned to kill him if he made it home.  So Telemakhos was very cautious not to show his face too much from then on.  Odysseus, disguised as the beggar, put on a show and begged for anyone's sympathy.  When he begged for things to this one suitor, the suitor was very offended and started kicking him in the side.  This was horrible for Telemakhos to watch and he lunged forward to put an end to it but he stopped.  Odysseus didn't enjoy it very much but he knew he had to put up with it until the time was right.


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