The Conclusions of the Warren Report

The Conclusions of the Warren Report

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The Conclusions of the Warren Report In this essay I will discuss the conclusions of the Warren report and
evidence which supports the statement, “President Kennedy was murdered
by a single gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, using a Mannlicher-Carcano
rifle.” The Warren report states that President Kennedy was killed by
a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald who shot three shots from the Texas
School Book Depositary using his Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. The
evidence that supports that Oswald killed President Kennedy is the
palm print found on the Texas School Book Depositary’s sixth floor,
the ownership of the murder weapon and the psychological state of
Oswald. In this essay I will also discuss the evidence that doesn’t
support the above statement. The evidence to prove this is the
Zapruder film, the condition of the murder weapon and different
conspiracy theories. This essay will provide a detailed conclusion on
the assassination of President John F. Kennedy with final words on the

The Warren Commission states that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated
President John F. Kennedy using a Mannlicher-Carcano. The Warren
report found evidence to support the statement mentioned above. A
handmade wrapping paper bag had been found in the southeast corner of
the sixth floor, this was not a standard bag and could not have been
found in a shop. This bag had been made for a particular purpose since
it was the right size to store a rifle in a disassembled form. On this
bag appeared the print of the left index finger and right palm of Lee
Harvey Oswald. Resting partially on the windowsill were two small
cartons labelled ‘Rolling Readers’. These two cartons appeared to be
arranged as a convenient gun rest.

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The ‘Rolling Readers’ cartons
contained a palm print and a fingerprint, which were identified as
being prints of Oswald’s. The Commission had considered a possibility
that the cartons might had been moved in connection with work on the 6th
level of the Book Depository. Floor layers were laying new floors in
the east end of the building. However the “Rolling Readers” cartons
had not been moved by the floor layers and might have been moved for a
particular reason. These evidences suggest Oswald must have been
involved in the assassination of JFK.

The shots, which hit President Kennedy, believed to have been fired
from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository. A
Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, the murder weapon, was found on the sixth
floor of the building. For a riflemen situated on the sixth floor of
the Texas School Book Depository the shots were pretty easy since the
motorcade of the president was moving slowly and virtually a straight
line with the alignment of the assassin’s rifle. The
Mannlicher-Carcano found in the Texas School Book Depository had
attached to it, a four-power telescope that made the shots on
Kennedy’s head and arm even easier for the assassin. Oswald’s wife,
Marina, testified that see saw Lee going out of their house, taking
the Mannlicher-Carcano wrapped in a raincoat for target practise.
Marina Oswald testified that see saw Lee sitting on the porch at
night, handling the Mannlicher-Carcano attached with the telescopic
lens. Examinations of the cartridges found around the
Mannlicher-Carcano suggest they would have been loaded and ejected
from the assassination weapon before, which would indicate Oswald
practised using the bolt. This supports the Warren Commission because
it is saying that Oswald knew how to use the Mannlicher-Carcano and it
was possible for him to assassinate JFK during his motorcade was
travelling down the Elm Street.

Lee Harvey Oswald disliked American’s and would have killed JFK for
psychological and personal matters. Oswald sent a letter to his
brother, when he was in the Soviet Union stating that he would kill
any American who defended the American government, he believed he no
longer had any attachment with the US and wanted to live in the Soviet
Union for the rest of his life. On October 21, 1959, Oswald was denied
citizenship in the Soviet Union and soon after that, he attempted
suicide and was taken to a hospital in Moscow. This shows to what
extents Oswald could reach when he faced an emotional crisis and had
few options available. It has to be taken into consideration that the
atmosphere of Dallas could have influenced Oswald. The main things
that could have influenced Oswald were the anti-Kennedy newspaper
advertisements and the distribution of handbills during President
Kennedy’s visit. The influence of Dallas could have been a major cause
for Oswald’s actions on 22nd November 1963.

The Zapruder film was filmed by Abraham Zapruder. It is the only film
of the whole assassination of President Kennedy. The Zapruder film
shows the rear of the president’s head getting dislocated from the
rest of the body. This suggests the bullet must have entered from the
front since bullets need a larger space to exit. From the film we can
also see that Kennedy moves backwards violently after the fatal head
shot. Normally your body would move in the direction of the bullet, so
Kenney must have been shot from his front (possibly from the grassy
knoll). If the bullet was shot from the front, the Warren Report must
be wrong. This is because the Warren Report states that the shots on
JFK were shot from the Texas School Book Depository which was behind
JFK’s motorcade when he was shot, which meant the front of the
President’s head should have been dislocated.

The Warren Report states Oswald used a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle to
assassinate President Kennedy. The condition of the rifle found on the
sixth floor of the Book Depository was “cheap and old”. According to
the commission, the three shots from this gun were fired in 5.6
seconds, in this time period it hit the President twice and two other
men atleast once. This particular rifle had a defective bolt which
meant it took more time to fire shots, the telescopic sight was
wrongly positioned which caused the rifle to fire high on the right.
None of these problems support the Warren Report because they suggest
three shots could not be fired accurately in a time span of 5.6
seconds. The “magic bullet” theory suggests that one bullet hit
Kennedy in the back, exited his neck and then continued to hit
Connally in the back, wrist and leg. The bullet was afterwards found
on Connolly’s stretcher in Parkland which meant it fell out of his
leg. The bullet was in perfect condition and didn’t look like it had
gone through two people. Tests conducted on bullets Oswald supposedly
used show that if a Mannlicher-Carcano bullet is fired on a piece of
bone, the bullet ends up being severely damaged. This experiment
suggests the magic bullet theory cannot be correct. This also means
the Warren Report’s theory is wrong.

Different conspiracy theories on the Kennedy assassination were
invented by people around the world. One theory stated that Lee Harvey
Oswald and Jack Ruby knew each other and were part of a conspiracy.
This theory was called Oswald and Ruby and was made by Dave Reitzes.
Dave Reitzes believed while Lee Harvey Oswald was in the marines
another person named Lee Oswald was in New Orleans trying to join the
Cuban exile army. Jack Ruby was known to have run a well funded
operation, running arms to Castro in the late 1950s. Neighbours of
Jack Ruby’s house in Texas, remember his weekend trips to Cuba in a
50-feet truck with guns. Dozens of people claim to have seen Oswald
and Ruby in the summer of 1963. William Crowe, an entertainer in the
Carousel Club told the Press he was positive that he saw Oswald in the
Carousel Club. Stripper Kathy Kay told several Dallas newsmen that
she'd seen Oswald with Ruby in the Carousel before the assassination
and had even danced with them on one occasion. This theory suggests
there was a conspiracy and Jack Ruby could have killed Oswald to stop
him from testifying about the Cuban exiles.

Another theory was called “The Vietnam Theory” The family of South
Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem ordered the assassination on JFK in
revenge for a U.S.-backed coup in which Diem was gunned down
violently. Believers initially included Lyndon Johnson in this theory.

The “FBI theory” states that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew that
Kennedy would replace him after his 70th birthday but Lyndon Johnson
would exempt his retirement. The theory says, Hoover knew of
assassination plans but did nothing to stop it, or ordered Oswald to
kill JFK.

The evidence covered in this essay suggests it was possible for Lee
Harvey Oswald to assassinate President Kennedy. The position of
cartons in the Texas School Book Depositary, the statements of
eyewitness’ who saw Oswald handle the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle before
the assassination, tells us that Lee Harvey Oswald could have killed
Kennedy. There is also evidence to prove Oswald didn’t kill President
Kennedy. The evidence for this is that the gun had a defective bolt
which meant the shots took longer to fire, the telescopic sight was
not in the correct position which means the shots were inaccurate. On
the basis of the evidence I conclude that Lee Harvey Oswald killed
President John F. Kennedy with a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. Although, I
believe the magic bullet theory was wrong because it is not possible
for a bullet to turn at that speed and cause seven wounds without
being damaged.
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