Audience Reactions to Eddie Carbon in A View from the Bridge

Audience Reactions to Eddie Carbon in A View from the Bridge

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Audience Reactions to Eddie Carbon in A View from the Bridge

Arthur Miller wrote a book called ‘A view from the Bridge’. He was
born In New-York 1945. Miller twice won the Drama Critics award and in
1949 he was awarded the Pulitzer prizes. When Arthur Miller lived in
New-York he the wrote ‘A view from the Bridge’, he was inspired to
write this book is when he saw how the relatives of illegal immigrants
treated them. He probably saw some illegal immigrant getting treated
badly by his relatives and were reported to the immigration Bureau and
sent back to his country.

Another important factor which inspired Miller to write the book is
that he used to work in the ship-yard with many Italian and he heard
from them about how desperate they are to get money but their
un-merciless relatives sent them back to their country by reporting to
the immigration bureau, they do that for minor reasons such as, for
example if someone slaps a child they were reported to the immigration

My aim in this essay is to analyse the ways in which I think an
audience might respond to Eddie at three key points in ‘A View from
the Bridge’.

In the first part of this play, Eddie is having a conversation with
Catherine and says ‘‘I think its too short, aint it?’’ Eddie says that
to Catherine because Eddie thinks that her short skirt attracts the
attention of the men in the neighbourhood. Eddies to Catherine,
‘‘Catherine, I don’t want to be a pest, but I’m telling you youre
walkin away’’

While all this is going on Beatrice joins in the conversation between
Catherine and Eddie and says that ‘she is old enough’ and then Eddie
changed the topic.

The next topic Eddie chooses to talk about is about Beatrice’s cousins
who are arriving to America from Italy at 10pm. Eddie to Catherine
‘Her cousins landed’.

The first impression the audience might have on Eddie can be two very

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different opinions. For example, if there is any Italian audience
watching the play they might have a positive point of view towards
Eddie because they might think that he is a strict dad who cares for
his niece. The American audience might have a negative point of view
towards Eddie because they might think that he is too harsh towards
his niece.

The Italian audience might think that Eddie is a very good person,
with good manners and is a real Italian who cares for his daughter.
The audience can say that because he tells Catherine off that the
skirt she is wearing is too short and the high heels she is wearing.
They might also think that Eddie cares a lot about Catherine and
Beatrice. They might think this because Eddie starts talking about
Beatrice’s cousins who are coming from Italy, The way Eddies talks
about Beatrice’s cousins it looks like that he is very obsessed with

The American audience might think that Eddie is too harsh towards his
wife’s niece because in America it’s fashion to wear small skirts and
high heels. The audience might also think that he is a guy with very
good manners, who over reacts at time’s.

In the middle of the play when Eddies goes to Alfieri, about Rodolpho
(Beatrice’s cousin from Italy). Eddie goes to Alfieri to prove his
point that Rodolpho is not the right man for Catherine. To prove his
point Eddie says to Alfieri that Rodolpho is a homosexual and is
behind Catherine for only papers. ‘‘Yeah, but what about it if the
only reason for it is to get her papers’, I see in his eyes; he’s
laughin at her and he’s laughin at me’’, ‘’…A man, which he comes in
to the country illegal, don’t it stand to reason he’s gonna take every
penny and put it in the sock? Because they don’t know from one day to
another, right?’’ Another quote says ‘’he’s a blond guy.
Like…platinum. You know what I mean?’’ all those quotes suggest that
Eddie is against Rodolpho and wants to get rid of him any how.

After Alfieri has heard all this from Eddie about Rodolpho, the
response Alfieri gives is that he can not do anything to stop Rodolpho
getting married to Catherine ‘‘Because there is nothing illegal about
a girl falling in love with an illegal immigrant’’. ‘’Eddie, look-I
have my own children. I understand you- but the law is very

Eddie kisses Rodolpho on the mouth to humiliate him because he wants
to prove to Catherine that Rodolpho is gay. He proved that because
when Eddie kissed Rodolpho on the mouth, Rodolpho could’ve pushed him
away, but he did nothing, although Rodolpho was going to attack him.
The quote suggests that: ‘‘Rodolpho flies at him ij attack. Eddie pins
his arms, laughing, suddenly kisses him’’.

The Italian audience might think that he is drunk and that’s why he
kissed Rodolpho. Some other audience might think that to prove
Rodolpho gay in front of Catherine he kissed Rodolpho. The audience
might also think that he carries so much about Catherine and that’s he
kissed Rodolpho to prove him gay in front of Catherine and it also
shows that Eddie don’t want Catherine going in wrong hands.

The American audience might think that he is gay or to save his niece
he kissed Rodolpho and the others might think that he didn’t kiss him
to save his niece but kissed him because he is gay and didn’t wanted
to prove anything to his niece.

In the last scene of the play Eddie goes to Alfieri and gets the
immigration Bureau’s telephone number. He then calls them and gives
his house address meaning where Marco and Rodolpho live. When he comes
home Catherine and Beatrice tells him that there are two more people
from Italy. After Eddie heard that two more people are here from Italy
he knows that now instead of 2 people, 4 people would be caught.

Eddie reports Beatrice’s cousins to the immigration bureau because he
doesn’t want to get Rodolpho getting married to Catherine but also
reports on Marco whose children in Italy are dying of hunger. There
are 2 reasons why Eddie reported the

2 brothers to the immigration, the reasons are: he doesn’t want
Rodolpho to get married to Catherine and he thinks that Rodolpho is
doing everything for papers.

In the final scene of this play Marco gets realised from jail and then
comes straight to Eddie’s house where Eddie was already ready for a
fight with Rodolpho. When Marco shouts ‘‘…Eddie Carbon…’’ Eddies comes
out with a knife. When Marco and Eddie finish their verbal fight, they
then start fighting physically. While fighting Eddie gets his knife
out and tries to stab Marco, Marco then in self defence accidentally
stabs Eddie to death.

I think the characters which the audience might sympathise the most
with are Marco and Rodolpho. The audience might sympathise with Marco
ad Rodolpho because they came all the way from Italy, desperate for
money. They needed money to send back to their family. Now that Marco
is caught by the police because he killed Eddie and now he will also
have a criminal record and he can not get a job any where and can not
send any money to his family. Marco’s kids would now be in more
trouble because when Marco was in Italy he was working although for
little amount of money

, he now will be in jail and can not send any money back to his
family. Rodolpho just wants to get married to Catherine and get his
green card. He does not care about Marco’s children starving to death.

Another character which the audience might sympathise with is Alfieri.
They might sympathies with Alfieri because he took a promise from
Marco that he will not kill Eddie. Although Eddie is the one to be
blamed for his own death because he is the one inviting his death by
bringing the knife out side to kill Marco. Another reason why the
audience might sympathise with Alfieri is that he might also be caught
by the police because he got Marco released on his guaranty, he also
signed the contract which said that Marco will not leave the country
or kill Eddie.

The characters which the audience might be most furious with are:
Eddie, Catherine, Beatrice, Marco and Rodolpho. The audience might
furious with Eddie because he tries to rule over everyone including
his wife, niece etc. He has no children of his own and still he’s very
harsh towards his niece Catherine. We know this because at the start
of the play Eddie tells her off about how small is the skirt she is
wearing. We also know that he is harsh Catherine because in the middle
of the play when Catherine receives a job offer. Eddie tells her that
she can’t work there.

Eddie also gets rude to his wife’s cousins Marco and Rodolpho. Soon
after Rodolpho and Catherine fall in love and Eddie thinks that
Rodolpho is doing all this for papers, so he tires his best to break
their relationship and not let them get married. When Eddie couldn’t
do anything about Rodolpho and Catherine’s relationship he called the
immigration Bureau. The immigration took both Rodolpho and Marco but
Rodolpho was soon released because he was going to marry Catherine,
who is legal in the country and also has the nationality.

Alfieri who is Marco’s lawyer gets him released. After getting
released Marco should’ve gone to his brother’s wedding but goes to
Eddie’s house. They both at first have a verbal fight and then Eddie
goes in and brings a knife, which accidentally causes his own death.

The audience might be furious with Catherine because her parents are
dead and she should consider Eddie and Beatrice as her parents, but at
times is very rude towards Eddie. For example, when Eddie tells
Catherine that she can’t work because it will affect her studies but
Catherine answers back and says she will work. Another example which
shows how rude Catherine is towards Eddie, the example is when Marco
and Rodolpho arrive at Eddie’s house Catherine and Rodolpho fall in
love. Eddie tries to tell Catherine that he is not the right guy for
you and he is doing all this for papers.

The audience might be furious with Beatrice because the audience might
expect a wife to support her husband in any kind of circumstances, but
most of the times Beatrice is against her husband Eddie. For example,
when Catherine receives a job offer and Eddie tells her that she can’t
work there but Beatrice supports her niece Catherine rather then her
husband Eddie. She also goes against Eddie, when Eddie tries to break
Catherine’s and Rodolpho’s relationship.

The audience might also be furious with Rodolpho because he came to
America for money to help his family because his family and Marco’s
kids back in Italy are really poor and live many days with out even
having a glass of water. But now rather then helping out Marco to
create a way for their family to survive he is flirting with Catherine
for papers and has completely forgotten that back in Italy he has a

Marco is another character who the audience might be furious with,
that’s because before Alfieri got Marco released he took a promise
from Marco that Marco will not go near or harm Eddie but without
caring Marco goes to Eddies house where Eddie accidentally dies. If
Marco hadn’t been to Eddie’s house then there wouldn’t have been any
murder and he would’ve happily attended his brothers wedding.

Personally I am happy with the way the play ends because through out
the Play Eddie had been an irritating man for nearly all the
characters. For example; he was an irritating man for Catherine
because he kept telling her off and never allowed her to work when she
worked really hard to win the place in the pluming company. He was
also irritating for Rodolpho because he was not letting Rodolpho carry
Catherine and kept on trying to prove to Catherine that Rodolpho is
homosexual. Beatrice also found Eddie annoying and irritating because
he kept on telling her off about Catherine about what she should do
and what she shouldn’t. Lastly he was irritating for Marco because he
kept on making problems for Marco so that he is caught by the
immigration bureau and send back to Italy. Considering this case he
also went to Alfieri to find a way to send Marco and Rodolpho back to

Although I was happy with the way the play ended I would’ve wished the
play ended as I wanted it to be. I way I wanted the play to end is
that Marco’s family coming to USA, Eddie being happy with Catherine
and Rodolpho getting married. Mainly Eddie paying more attention
towards his wife rather then Catherine. Lastly I wanted all the
characters to live a happy and peaceful life.

I think that Arthur Miller wrote this play to get his message across
to the people that how low people can be and think bad of their own
family. Another message I think Miller was trying to get across is
that when you go abroad never trust anyone wheatear they are your
family member or not.
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