Origins of World War One

Origins of World War One

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Origins of World War One
June 28, 1914 was the start of one of the world’s biggest wars. It
all seemed to start when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by Gavrilo
Princip, a known member of the Black Hand. The Black Hand was a
terrorist group against the military in Bosnia. The Black Hand wanted
to try and break up the Austrian-Hungry group connected in Bosnia. It
was this attack on a Bosnia leader that World War 1 came about. It
was the spark needed to begin the war.

Germany promised to back Austria against the Russians. Serbia knew of
the annexation that was going on and promised to cease all hostile
activities that were going on around the northern borders. Serbia
broke its promise and did not stop the hostility between the borders.
Black Hand was started throughout that period of activities. When the
terrorist group started reeking havoc on other bordering countries,
which is when Bosnia stepped in. Austria-Hungry prevented the Serbs
from gaining any land along the coast of Adriatic coast. This action
started more fighting.

Germans wanted to unite the pan-Germans and Austria-Hungry by helping
each other. It seemed that certain countries were forming alliances
with other countries to try and stay powerful. Nationalism was all
over the countries to the north. If another country would talk down
on another country it seemed that it started something between, and
eventually started a fight. Countries wanted everyone to have pride
for their country and show them respect; unfortunately it seemed
everyone wanted the same thing.

Imperialism was the next aspect that brought upon the war. All the
countries were talking about its foreign capabilities and what they
had to offer. Great Britain became alliances with France by talking to
them and informing them of Germanys move to take over Morocco.

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Germany seeing that other countries were forming alliances was scared
that they would have no one to back them in a war if that’s what it
came down to. Germany showed its worries in 1914 with talks and
actions towards Austria-Hungry hoping that they would be the only
country that would back them in the war.

Military was another huge aspect leading up to World War 1. Every
country knew that Germany had one undeniably great military and was
trying to build-up their naval status. Between 1910 and 1914 Military
was the main concern through out the European countries. They knew
with out good military powers they would never be able to defeat
Germany when it came down to it. By 1914 in was said that France and
Germany both grew military personal by 800,000 people. There was
competition between the countries on who would build the best naval
force, or the best weapon to defeat other countries.

With the growth of military power through out the countries was a
major attention getter. Government’s role was mainly influenced by
the militarism through out the early 1900’s. Germany decided to
choose war in 1914 for one simple reason. They knew they were a major
threat to all the countries against them, and the more time that they
waited, they felt the Russians might becomes more feared then them.
Germany came out with the Schlieffen plan which stated that Germany
would fight France and Russia but not at the same time. The idea was
that they would take out France first and slowly move into Russia
holding them back until they could put them away for good. It was a
good idea to attack France and keep moving west, they thought.
Germany wanted to hit the Russians by surprise so they could not get
ready for battle and become a stronger force.

The alliance system formed by the first attack and assassination of
Franz Ferdinand. Germany sent all its attention to its only ally,
Austria before they made any move towards France. Austria realizing
they had Germany to help them told Serbia to back off on the
anti-Austrian acts and propaganda that was going on. Russia blamed
Austria and its ultimatum to be the cause for the European war. On
July 24th Austria bombarded Serbia and officially started war. On
July 30th Russia had complete mobilization of its troops and sent them
to Serbia to back them in an effort to take out the Austria and
Germany force. On July 31st Russia declared war on France and started
the mobilization through Belgium.

The significance of World War 1 was overwhelming. Wilson’s fourteen
points was the final piece to the puzzle to shape the peace order
throughout the countries. The League of Nations was started to try
and maintain peace after the war. Germany was forced into the peace
order when their military started to show signs of defeat.

Wilson was the main reason for the peace between the countries that
were at war. With out him coming up with these fourteen points there
would be no way for the world to be the way it is today. Peace was
brought up in a way which everyone won. The cost of the war was
outrageous. No matter how you look at it, the war was worthless and
cost 150 billion dollars. It was also estimated that around ten
million people who fought in the World War lost their lives on the
battlefields. If the war did anything besides spark new means for
technology, it also proved to be the deadliest war between European
countries ever.

The Peace conference between the countries battling at war was a sign
that America could work things out. No body believed that the war
would ever end until Germany got total satisfaction throughout the
countries. With help of Wilson, and his points it put an end to this
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