The Importance of a Catholic Regularly Attending Mass

The Importance of a Catholic Regularly Attending Mass

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The Importance of a Catholic Regularly Attending Mass

Catholics attend mass for many reasons, although there are many
different reasons for going to mass, there is one thing that all
people want from mass, and that is some sort of help or advice from
God. Some people may think it is impossible to go to mass and return
with advice fomr God, but people deal with mass in different ways and
can take from it what they are willing to give back, not just to the
church but to all of the people they love and care for.

I think one of the main reasons people attend mass is to deepen their
relationship with God. People look to God as a role model and they do
their best to follow in his footsteps, even through hard times. Some
Catholics feel that the closer they are with God the more he will
understand and help them in their everyday lives. In a time of need
help is always the anwser to the problom. Some people believe that
God's help is the best you can get , as he is the almighty and can
teach right from wrong. I also think that the closer to God you are,
then the safer you feel as you know he is right there watching over

Another reason why catholics attend mass may be so that they can
express their faith. This can be done in many ways. By expressing
their faith they are deepening their relationship with God. They are
expressing their views and opinions of religion in everyday life and
they can add to their views and opinions by learning more about them
at mass.

St. Thomas Aquinas suggested that the most important element of mass
is the forgiveness of sin. Many catholics agree with this. Catholics
trust in God and they feel god trust them back. so in return, when a
person does something wrong and they know they shouldn't have they
shouldn't be afraid to ask for God's forgiveness and not wallow in
self pity.

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Some people blame God for the times when something never
went as they would have liked and the only person left to blame is
God. They may feel he is not there when they ask him to be so
therefore he is betraying them. Mass is a time to ask for forgiveness
for all of your sins, not matter how foolish or wrong they may be.
Some people believe that once your sinse are forgiven you can start
afresg. It's like turning over a new leaf where you are free to start
over again, putting your wrongs right. I think that this is why
catholics attend mass most, to reconcile and start anew. This implies
that mass is the remedy to all of our failings no matter what we have
done wrong, we can always turn to God as mass is always open to
anybody willing to go.

Another reason that catholics attend God's celebration of mass is that
God doesn't care how rich and wealthy you arem or how bad and poor you
are, he just wants to teach everybody wrong from right and how to make
the right descisions in life. The poorest of the poor could attend
church and get the same out of it as a well off business man.

Catholics attend mass for all sorts of different festivals and
celebrations. The church celebrate the whole of Jesus' life from the
day he was born to the day he died, and catholics want to feel
involved and celebrate these special events from the life of Jesus. By
attending a mass which is celebrating a certain event the congregation
learn all about what happened, which allows them to widen their
knowledge and understanding of God. Catholics also celebrate other
occasions which are after Jesus' time, or maybe even before. The
events which are celebrated often have a story to get the message
accross and also so that people will be able to remember them. By
people celebrating these stories, it shows they will be able to look
back at what happened and be influenced by them in a time of need.

People also attend church in order to remember Jesus' sacrifice on the
cross in calvery when he died to save each and everyone of us. Jesus'
did not die in spite of his killers but asked God to forgive them as
he felt they were not aware of what they were doing. This shows that
no matter how bad something is you can always forgive.

God cannot make us do right an he cannot stop us from doing wrong, but
by attending mass we can learn how he wants us to be, whether we do it
or not is our choice.

People look to God for guidance, and also for an insight on his life
and ways, to get a better understanding. By attending mass people get
a better understanding of not only God, but of themselves.

When sombody is going through a hard time, whether it be an illness of
loss of the family mass is always there for them. Some people may
think that mass is pointless in a time of need, even though it can't
turn the clocks back and change things back to normal again, it can
help you realise God is always there for you and that you have to
accept what happened and move on, that way you can get on with your

Once people have accepted what has happened in their lives they will
see the brighter side of things and recieve much more comfort from
visiting mass.

I think that the main reason people attend mass is that they see God
as the almighty, and know that if they are going to seek inner piece
from anywhere it will be by becoming closer to God iat his everyday
celebrations of mass.
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