The Most Significant Causes of World War One

The Most Significant Causes of World War One

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The Most Significant Causes of World War One

There are many causes of World War one, some long term and some short
term. Nobody has ever actually agreed on what the cause of the war
actually is, but there are many significant causes that we can look
at. Some causes are:

· The Franco–Prussian War (1870-1871)

· German Naval Race

· Alliance Systems

· The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

These are some of the cause of the war of which I will be talking

The Franco-Prussian War

Many saw this as one of the main cause of the war. Although this was
long before the war this was seen as along term cause of the war.
Prussia, which was the main state of Map showing Alsace and LorraineGermany
at the time, had a war with France. Germany was not a well developed
country and only after this war did they start to build an empire the
felt they deserved. Everybody expected France to win the war of the
Prussians but unexpectedly the Prussians won and they gained control
of Alsace and Lorraine.

Although Alsace and Lorraine was mostly populated by French, Prussia
claimed that it was theirs and won the battle and control over Alsace
and Lorraine. This made the French angry for revenge. This can be
seen as the point where the feud in Europe started.

German Naval Race

Another factor to the war was the naval race. Germany was beginning
to get stronger and stronger in the navy. This worried Britain so
they had to strengthen their navy. The strong navy Britain put
together was what made them well known and have such a strong empire
and they felt threatened by the Germans growth.

Alliance Systems

Alliance systems played a part in the war as well. They caused a lot
of trouble for other countries. In 1879 Germany made an alliance with
Austria. Alliances were very helpful for safety but also useful for

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attack. Germany was worried about France attacking and Austria needed
protection from the Russians, as a result of this Germany and Austria
made an alliance with each other.

By 1900 the British were worried about other countries in Europe such
as; France, Germany who both had allies and an empire. The British
then made an alliance with the Japanese. In 1904, the British were
increasingly worried their high reputation would be spoilt. They then
made an Entente with France and the same with Russia in 1907.

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

[IMAGE]Franz Ferdinand was the crown prince of the Austrian empire. In
1914 he and his wife went on a visit to Serbia, a country that Austria
had a strong influence over. Several Serbian nationalists, who wanted
independence from Austria, decided that they would try to kill the
prince. Franz decided he did not want to be killed so ordered to be
driven home but the chauffeur did not know this and when he was told
stopped in front of an assassin and his wife and he were shot dead.
His death led to the Austrian government making very strong demands on
Serbia. Russia, keen to gain influence in Serbia, supported the Serbs.
Days later the First World War had begun with the Germans declaring
war on Russia.

Timeline of Events

· 28th June- Franz Ferdinand killed.

· 5th July-Austria know Serbia are cause of Franz’s death so they call
Germany. Germany give Austria ‘blank cheque’

· 23rd July-Austria send Serbia ultimatum which cannot be accepted so
war starts three days later.

· 30th July-Russia mobilise.

· 1st August- Germany declares war on Russia.

· 3rd August- Germany declare war on France.

· 4th August- Britain and Belgium declare war on Germany. Germany
declares war on Belgium.

· 6th August- Austria declare war on Russia. Serbia declare war on

· 12th August- France and British declare war on Austria.

Because all plans have gone ahead there is no stopping to the war
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