Who is to Blame in Romeo and Juliet?

Who is to Blame in Romeo and Juliet?

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Shakespeare wanted to attract many different audiences into his play,
Romeo and Juliet and figured that there is a part of life that effects
and therefore attract many people: love. Shakespeare achieves such an
entertaining play from many different sources. These include; in 1530,
Luigi da Porta set a famous story in Verona and two real families
Montechi and Capelletti lived in Cremona where there were regular
brawls. Shakespeare moulded the play into a tragedy, which was
possibly something that could have been avoided. However there were
many causes that lead to the death of the two lovers taking their
lives. The character’s actions are possibly mostly to blame. Or was it
simply one character to blame?

Romeo obviously had many friends but one in particular: Mercutio. He
at times made life a struggle for Romeo, who felt unwanted due to
Mercutio’s carelessness of not thinking before saying. In particular
he teased Romeo about Rosaline, which made Romeo’s blood boil. Not
only did he tease Romeo but also he made the feud between the families

“I am for you” Act 3 Scene 1 Line 75

This is where Mercutio pushes Tybolt of Capulet into fighting. Of
course Mercutio dies, therefore Romeo makes Tybolt neutral with
Mercutio by taking his life. Romeo leaves feeling guilty which makes
him want to give Capulet back his love to then neutralise his soul.

Not only did Romeo have one close friend but two close friends.
Benvolio pushed Romeo through the story.

“Examine of the beauties” Act 1 Scene 1 line 2

Benvolio also teases Romeo making him look at other women as an option
for his love. If he hadn’t asked Romeo to look at other women than
Rosaline, would have Romeo meandered into loving Juliet and falling
into a blind death?

The family in which Benvolio, Mercutio and Romeo are part of is the
Montegue family.

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The family doesn’t believe in gentle equal
relationships due to tradition and lifestyle, which they tried to
stamp into Romeo.

“Thou villain Capulet” Act 1 Scene 1 Line 70

This made Romeo feel uneasy with his relationship with Juliet. Romeo
obviously wasn’t to stay with her all his life and death seemed to be
the only way after the banishment and death of Juliet without the
parents and family disturbing their love.

The priest named Friar Lawrence plays a strong role in forcing the
lovers to take their lives. Romeo looked upon Friar Lawrence as a
person to settle his situations and generally give him advice, due to
his vast experience and religious knowledge. However was it not his
fault for confusing Romeo by giving Juliet the potion and making it
look like death.

“I dare no longer stay” Act 5 Scene 3 Line 159

This shows that Friar Lawrence didn’t have control and confidence over
the situation as he says that if he had stayed he could have stopped
the deaths. Quite possibly he planned for this to happen in order to
keep the family’s history the same as it had always been: feud over

Were-as Friar Lawrence was Romeos adviser, the Nurse was Juliet’s. The
Nurse new that Juliet was in love with Romeo however suggested a
greedy option.

“I think best you marry with the county” Act 3 Scene 5 Line 217

The Nurse refers to Paris, which made Juliet feel unwanted. However
Juliet still wanted to stay with Romeo all her life, in death or life.

Capulet hired the Nurse not only to be the nurse but also to pass away
some of their responsibility towards Juliet and advice her. Juliet’s
family didn’t only take any interest in her life, but bought her up in
the feud against Montgue.

“Hang, beg, starve die in the street” Act 3 Scene 5 Line 192

Lord Capulet throws this into Juliet’s face as she refuses to marry
Prince. Would you feel isolated after your father firing this at you?
However this is very normal for a father to be so protective over
their daughters, as they wanted other people to look upon them as
strong masculine figures.

The background of the story also affects the lover’s relationship.
Both Montegue and Capulet struggle for power in Fair Verona, as it is
introduced to the audience in the prologue.

“Ancient grudge breaks to new mutany” Line 3 [prologue]

This pushes the lovers into feeling isilated, which gives them only
one choice, but to stay together forever, for all they had was each
other. The audience already new the story due to the prologue but not
why it happened that sucks the audience into the story.

This is all well, however the lovers could have stayed together in
life, but maybe moved away from Fair Verona. Juliet became gullible
when taking the potion from Friar Lawrence. If she hadn’t of rushed
into making such a big decision of faking death and actually thing of
the effects on Romeo, then they quite possibly would have lived long
lives with each other.

“Go with Paris to Saint Peters church or take me on a hurdle thither”

Act 3 Scene 5 Line 145

Here Juliet tells us that she either marries Paris or her life will be
extremely unsettled.

“Poison hath been his timeless end” Act 5 Scene 3 Line 162

Juliet now refers to her taking the potion and Romeo to take his life.
Shakespeare uses a metaphor here as this involves the audience by
imaging the quote. These quotes show that Juliet was uncertain
character and she needed to have the self-discipline to no that she
needed to take time out from her busy life.

Romeo was purely to blame for taking his life, just for a relationship
that lasted less than a week at an immature age.

“Heres to my love!” Act 5 Scene 3 Line 119

Romeo shows to the audience his deep feelings for Juliet, making him
take his life. Romeo should have found the sense within himself to now
he only had a crush on Juliet, and wasn’t actually in love. Romeo
shouldn’t have been so fast with the relationship between him and

Linking all these elements together was Balthasar. Balthasar, Romeo’s
servant came in the story to rush and tell Romeo that his wife had
died and he could do nothing about her death.

“Her body sleeps in capels monument” Act 5 Scene 1 line 18

If Balthasar hadn’t forced himself into the play, then the lovers
would have been able to live together, happily. This is because Friar
Lawrence had everything set in stone for the lover’s benefit, Just
that Balthasar with boisterous actions chipped away at the structure.

Gathering all the evidence I can now see what caused the deaths of
Romeo and Juliet. Clearly you cannot just blame one person in
anything, as someone has an influence on him or her. However here in
the story, Balthasar links all the causes together, as he rushes to
tell Romeo about Juliet’s death. Of course Balthasar didn’t actually
stab Romeo in the heart, but mentally he did. How would you feel if
your loved one passed away?
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