Comparing Sign of the Times and Eastenders

Comparing Sign of the Times and Eastenders

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Comparing Sign of the Times and Eastenders

I have studied Sign of the Times, which is a soap opera. The Prince
performed the song by 1987, which was seen to be a “sprawling
masterpiece.” Sign of the Times and Eastenders are intended for
today’s audience to view. Both of the soap operas indenture through
issues, which are relevant to today. Problems that are faced in the
soaps are actual problems, which people face today for example; there
are a lot of issues about drug abuse and relationships in society.
Eastenders is one of the many soap operas that are on the television
at the moment whereas Sign of the Times isn’t. Most of the soaps don’t
draw a line to a certain topic which is represented this could maybe
be a downfall, as the audience could be fed too much soaps at the
present time. This could lead to less of the audience viewing certain
soaps but this could also mean they just focus on one or two of the
soaps operas. Eastenders is one of the soaps that have been popular
for a number of years. It has a lot of cliffhangers, which draw you to
the soap a lot more as they are very drastic for instance a wife
killed her husband then buried him with cement.

Sign of the Times and Eastenders attempt to show real life associated
situations that the audience have come across. They both reflect on
what is happening in today’s society and they reproduce it exactly on
television/stage. This is done well as it entertains us as well as
educates us. It shows you what happens and how people deal with their
problems in life. Sign of the times doesn’t go into too much depth
regarding the society whereas compared to Eastenders does. This could
perhaps be too over powering for the audience as it could make them
feel uncomfortable.

Soap operas are our well-liked culture of our period it is the most
watched “genre” on the television. Like my improvisation the
popularity lies in the striking storylines and brilliant acting.

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our society there is a big demand for storylines and so the depth of
the Sign of the Times improvisation goes into more detail than soaps
such as Eastenders. The demand for quick storylines could mean that
soaps like Eastenders maybe rely on the society. Just to satisfy the
audience appetite soaps will go to a certain extent and show affairs,
murder, drugs, death, and pregnancy for thrilling storylines.

Both Eastenders and the Sign of the Times improvisation are presented
in a realistic style, which is unlike American soap operas as they
deliver fantasy and other styles along the lines. They are not
presented in an over the top, exaggerated way but in a way that
indicates to the audience that they are watching real life. The style
of Eastenders is different from Sign of the Times improvisation as it
is acted in front of the camera for television so the reactions of the
actors are smaller. The Sign of the Times improvisations are performed
live on stage so the style is different as actions are larger and the
running of the story is slightly more disjointed.

I learn that both Eastenders have similarities but they differ in ways
as Sign of the Times is performed on live on stage and Eastenders in
acted on television so personal views of the audience are going to be
different as they may feel they can’t express there feeling when
something is performed on stage as it is person to person. Whereas
when your watching the television your feelings are different as you
feel you can express how you feel a lot better. Although Sign of the
times is a soap opera and Eastenders is a popular soap they have
similar aspects.
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