War on Saddam's Regime

War on Saddam's Regime

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War on Saddam's Regime

America wants to help the people of Iraq to have better lives and this
can only be accomplished by declaring war. America has an idea of
seizing power from Saddam and making Iraq a democratic country.
Unfortunately, this can only be accomplished by attacking Iraq since
Saddam refuses to resign without this act. People that have escaped
Iraq tell their stories of how Saddam’s actions interrupted people
from living normal lives. America believes Iraq has the chance of
becoming a better country because it has helped many other European
countries in the past involving financial and physicals problems.
America supposes it can become a stronger and more stable country if
people could have a say in the country’s government.

Saddam is responsible for many actions that are spiteful and
despicable. In the past fifteen years he has started war or fired
missiles on many neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Israel,
and Kuwait. Not only was he killing innocent people of neighboring
countries but he was hurting his own citizens with chemical weapons.
People that have escaped Iraq talked about how under his regime
murder, rape, and torture were common among citizens of his country.
He stayed in power not through good will or elections, but by force
and cruelty. This is not fair for the people that live in Iraq;
America must fight to give these people the life they deserve.

Saddam refuses to leave power without war. The way Saddam uses threats
among his citizens make it almost impossible for the people to
overthrow Saddam’s regime. Even if Saddam is captured and assassinated
one of Saddam’s followers will easily continue violence and mass
destruction in the country of Iraq. If Saddam’s regime is not
abolished the dream of a democratic Iraq will never come alive.

In the past, America helped completely destroyed countries such Japan,
Germany, and Italy become stable and return to power. America believes
that they can aid Iraq additionally; they suppose this can occur if
they turn Iraq into a democratic nation.

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If this country becomes
democratic the citizens could have a say in how they can have an
improved lifestyle. If Iraq has the help of America it could prosper
with American resources and money; this point was stated in
www.laststory.com. This democratic plan will not only help Iraqi
citizens but Americans as well. America could have more access to
their oil.

Declaring war on Iraq is the only way that can save the citizens of
this nation. In other words, America wants to seize power from Saddam
and turn Iraq into a democratic nation but this can only be
accomplished by declaring war. Declaring war on Saddam’s regime will
not only advantage the Iraqis but the Americans as well.
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