Building Foundations for Friendships- Personal Narrative

Building Foundations for Friendships- Personal Narrative

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Building Foundations for Friendships- Personal Narrative

From the time that we are very small children, we begin to build our
foundations for friendships. Clearly, friendships are an important
part of life, whether it exists in childhood, adolescence, or
adulthood. However, many people travel through life without the
benefit of a true friend. Fortunately, I own the privilege of having
two best friends, Angie and Kelvin. Despite the fact that they are
complete opposites, Angie and Kelvin are of equally vital importance
in my life.

To begin with, Angie is my best friend, and Kelvin is my boyfriend. I
first met Angie about four years ago. We quickly became good friends,
and it wasn’t long before we were inseparable. I met Kelvin through
her boyfriend (now husband). They were best friends too, so it was
very convenient for Kelvin and I to become close. Before we knew it we
were falling in love. Thus, he became a best friend, too.

The most obvious contrast between the two is their physical
appearance. Angie is a 29 year-old, white female that stands about
five foot -five inches and weighs around 250 lbs. She keeps her short
brown hair styled to perfection, and her clothes must fit just right.
On the other hand, Kelvin is a 31 year old, black male. He weighs
approximately 190 lbs., and is almost five foot- seven inches tall. He
keeps his hair braided and usually
doesn’t pay much attention to his clothes. T- shirts and baggy jeans
seem to be his favorite attire. He may top off his look with a
baseball cap or a du-rag.

In addition, my beloved friends have very distinct personalities.
While Angie is outspoken, Kelvin is reserved. For example, Angie will
give you her honest opinion on how an outfit looks, but Kelvin may not
tell you he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t want to hurt your
feelings. Angie often intimidates people with her confidence.
Dramatic, determined, and honest are a few words that further describe
Angie’s personality. Kelvin often impresses people with his smooth

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talk. When asked to describe Kelvin, people say he is funny, friendly,
and laid back. Angie is more irrational, while Kelvin proves to be
more logical.

Another major difference is their lifestyle. Although he has one
daughter, Kelvin has never been married. Furthermore, he lives in a
two-bedroom brick house with a roommate and is definitely more friend
dependent than family oriented. On the contrary, Angie is very family
oriented. She lives in a three-bedroom apartment along with her
husband and two children (1 son & 1 daughter). Angie frequently spends
a lot of time with her family, while Kelvin only sees his daughter and
mother on the weekends.

The well-defined diversities between Angie and Kelvin bring a
tremendous amount to the table. For example, I have the benefit of the
female perspectives as well as the male opinion. Moreover, one gets me
“fired-up”, while the other keeps me grounded. In short, the
differences between my best friend and my boyfriend are vital because
they balance one another out. Without one or the other, my life
wouldn’t be the same. I love
them very much, and I couldn’t imagine my life without that love being
reciprocated. Angie and Kelvin define (to a large degree) who I am as
well as whom I want to be.
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