The Christian Cosmology and the Cosmology of Hinduism

The Christian Cosmology and the Cosmology of Hinduism

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The Christian Cosmology and the Cosmology of Hinduism

The Christian cosmology, or the Creation story, can be found in the
first chapter of the book of Genesis from the Bible. The story
describes how God created the world in six days and rested on the
seventh day. On the first day, the Bible says that God created
Heaven and the Earth. The world was dark so God then created light,
which He separated from the dark. He called the light ‘day’ and the
dark ‘night’. On the second day He said ‘Let there be an expanse
between the waters to separate water form water’. God separated one
expanse of water from the other and he named the space that was left
between the ‘Sky’.

On the third day God commanded the ‘water under the sky to be gathered
to one place, and let dry ground appear’. God named the dry ground
that formed ‘Land’ and the water that had gathered he named the ‘Sea’.
Next he commanded that the land produce vegetation that bears fruit
and seeds. God created the Sun and the Moon and the Stars on the
fourth day. He said ‘Let there be an expanse of sky to separate the
day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and
days and years’. God made the Sun, ‘the greater light to govern the
day’, and the moon, ‘the lesser light to govern the night’. God also
created the stars to give light to the Earth.

On the fifth day God created the sea creatures and birds and then
blessed them and said ‘Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the
water in the seas and let the birds increase on the Earth’. The sixth
day, Gods last day of work, God created animals to live on dry land
and then he created man and woman in his own image to rule over all of
the animals in the sea, in the air, and on the land. He told both man
and woman to ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the Earth and

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subdue it’. God rested on the seventh day when the ‘Heavens and the
Earth were completed in all their vast array’, and God had finished
his work.

The Hindu Cosmology however is very different. The story goes that
before time began there was no Heaven or Earth there was only a large
expanse of water that stretched to the ends of the world. On the sea
floated a large Cobra which carried the Lord Vishnu carefully in its
coils. Suddenly a loud ‘Aum’ sound filled the air and spread out
across the water with a throbbing energy that turned night to day. As
night fell a large lotus flower grew from the Lord Vishnu’s navel. It
slowly opened up and sat inside was Vishnu’s servant, Brahma. Vishnu
then commanded his servant to create the world.

Vishnu and the cobra disappeared and Brahma took the lotus flower and
split it into three parts. With the first part he created the Heavens,
with the next he created the Earth and with the last he created the
skies. The Earth was very bare so Brahma created vegetation, plants
and flowers to which he gave feeling. He then created insects, and
animals to live on the land, and birds to fly in the sky and fish to
swim on the sea. He gave all of these creatures the power to feel and
move and the senses of touch and smell. Then Brahma closed his eyes
and the lotus flower once again closed over him and the world returned
to the endless ocean upon which Lord Vishnu floated on his cobra.

There are many Hindu beliefs that are portrayed in this story. Hindus
believe the cyclical motion of things such as the cycle of the
seasons, the cycle of day and night and the cycle of reincarnation.
The cycle in this story is of destruction and creation. The story also
specifically points out the belief that every single living creature
has a soul or an Atman when it says that he gave every animal the
power to feel and move and all of the senses, which gives a reason for
the Hindu belief of reincarnation.
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